Drones with GoPro Mount


Drones with GoPro Mount


Some drones come with cameras but many do not. Many of these other drones will feature some sort of a mount so that you can attach a camera if you wish. While there are a few different cameras out there that can be attached to a drone, the camera that everyone swears by is the GoPro camera.


There are different kinds of GoPro cameras that you can get, but the newest and most popular one out yet for drones is the Hero 4 Black. It is a 4k camera that gives you clear shots and even slow-motion playback. There are several amazing features that let you take impossible shots. You can get 12 MP burst shots at 30 frames a second. Or you can take time-lapse shots. You can even capture both of these at night with the new dark settings. You can stream photo and video live to your mobile device through built-in Wi-Fi. And you can control your camera up to 600 feet away. The GoPro camera even offers a great audio system where most others do not. Although, you may not need this since the beat of the propellers often makes it hard to hear much.


Many drones will actually feature a mount that is specifically designed for a GoPro camera. 3DR is one such company that makes all of their drones with a GoPro in mind.


Here are a few drones that have GoPro mounts:


3DR IRIS+ has a camera mount perfectly compatible with the GoPro cameras. And it has a 2-axis gimbal that keeps the camera steady at all times. When buying the IRIS, you have the option of buying the GoPro Hero 4 Silver with it. Most other drone dealers do not have this option so you often have to buy the camera separately through GoPro or another camera dealer.


DJI Phantom 2 has a Zenmuse gimbal available that is sophisticated and perfect for any shot. You do have to install the gimbal yourself but this is an easy process and well worth the effort.


Blade 350 QX2 AP also comes with a GoPro camera mount. It isn’t fancy but it will get the job done and keep your camera steady. The price is the big bonus of the Blade 350 at only around $300.


Walkera QR X350 Pro has a camera mount that is pretty much the same as the Blade 350, and you can even get it for around the same place depending on where you buy it from.


Even if the drone doesn’t come with a mount, you can get a mount from GoPro itself. Most of the mounts they have are meant to be used for activities other than drone flying—such as surfing, biking, hunting, etc. But there are a few mounts available that will attach to drones.


However, if you can, when buying a new drone, make sure that it has a GoPro camera mount already installed or available if it doesn’t already come with a camera. You don’t want to miss out on great GoPro filming.

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