Phantom 3 Batteries -- Tips and Tutorial


Phantom 3 Batteries -- Tips and Tutorial

Lets get down to the nitty gritty of batteries for DJI's Phantom 3. First there are 2 chargers for the Phantom 3 series. The Professional comes with a 100W charger and the Advanced comes with a 57W charger. Charge time for each is approx. 1 hr. and 1.5hrs. respectively.

The batteries must be in the correct temperature range or they won’t charge. So if a user runs one down on a hot day and/or flying aggressively, and then pops it onto a charger, there’s a good chance it will be too hot. In that case, you have to wait for the battery to cool down enough to start charging. Same goes for a very cold battery.

A common complaint from users is that when a battery is put on a charger nothing happens. If the battery is at more than 75% charge when it is placed on the charger it will not start charging (to get to 100%).

Lastly, even though the chargers look identical between the Phantom 3 and Inspire a Phantom 3 charger WILL NOT work for an Inspire battery. Due to different voltages. Phantom is 11.1 and Inspire is 22. So don't make the mistake of trying to use the battery for both drones! 

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  • Jonathan B
Comments 2
  • Mike

    Phantom 3 is not 11.1 v battery as you suggest. It is in fact 15.2v

  • alain gailland
    alain gailland

    phantom3 is 15,2V not 11,1 .

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