DJI Phantom 3 Review


DJI Phantom 3 Review


The DJI Phantom and Phantom 2 models have been adored and are some of the most popular drones on the market. But just when you’ve been thinking it can’t get any better than the Phantom 2 series and Inspire 1, the Phantom 3 series has come out, which rivals the Inspire 1 in features but comes at much cheaper prices of $999 and $1,259.


DJI Phantom 3 was released in April 2015. It has two variations: professional and advanced. They look nearly identical to each other and to the Phantom 2, but you can tell them apart by the different colored bands on each: gold for the pro and silver for the advanced. (The Phantom 2, of course, has the red bands.) Both versions are nearly identical in every feature except where the camera is concerned as the advanced can only shoot 1080p at 60fps while the pro can shoot in 4k at 30fps. This small difference does push the pro to the higher grade of the two, and it does make it a bit more expensive.


In all other aspects, both versions are exactly the same. The three-axis gimbal stabilizes everything the camera captures no matter what turns the Phantom 3 takes, and they both have sophisticated takeoff and landing controls. Just like the previously-released Inspire 1, they also have integrated Lightbridge systems, giving them 1.2mi complete control range (which is many times greater than the range other Phantom models get) and a view of everything the camera sees in live HD. You can even share what you’re seeing instantly with livestreaming capabilities. The incredible range is made possible by four antennas, each located in a separate leg of the Phantom 3.


A smart feature unique to the Phantom 3 is the beginner mode. When you set this mode, your Phantom 3 will only fly in a given radius from you. This prevents your drone from flying into obstacles on your first few flights out. You can set this feature and more on the powerful DJI Pilot app which is compatible for both iOS and Android. With this app, you can edit videos, stream live, view a live map, adjust a bunch of settings, and more.


The Phantom 3 comes with so much more, like an auto-takeoff, a failsafe landing feature, and an automatic flight log. But to understand if the Phantom 3 lives up to all that it boasts, I’ve read a few reviews online.


Although it hasn’t been out long enough to get more than about two dozen reviews on most sites, at just about every review section I’ve looked at, nearly every person gave it five stars. The people who didn’t have mostly commented that they hate drones in general so it’s probably hard to please them anyway. Many reviewers say they have been impressed with the Phantom 3 and many more have been simply blown away. One review says the cameras for both versions are a big improvement on the Phantom 2 Vision+. And other reviewers praise other features such as the indoor flying capabilities and the durability.


With more time for people to try out the Phantom 3 models, there may come more reviews in the future of any negative experiences people have had. But, for now, it looks like both Phantom models are going to impress.

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