DJI Phantom 3 Amazon

June 04, 2015

DJI Phantom 3 Amazon


Amazon has pretty much everything you need—even an online drone store. Unfortunately, the drone store on Amazon does not have every drone in its catalog. But even if the drone you want isn’t in the drone store specifically, Amazon probably still sells it. One drone that people are looking forward to buying on Amazon is the DJI Phantom 3.


Amazon sells both the Professional and Advanced models and even gives you the option of buying the extra battery with them. Interestingly, the Advanced model will not become available on Amazon until June 15 th, and you can only preorder it, even though the Professional model is already for sale.


If you aren’t familiar with Amazon, know that different dealers will sell their products through Amazon. This means that you can buy from a company such as B&H through the Amazon website. You can also buy a drone used (though I would suggest only doing this for parts rather than for operation since a used drone could be in poor condition). Because of these different options, the price of your drone could vary.


This can be a good or bad thing. Right now, the standard price for the Phantom 3 Advanced is $999. However, some dealers are selling it for more than this on Amazon. The Professional model is selling for its standard price of $1,259 pretty much across the board on Amazon. Even here you have to be a little careful because different dealers charge more or less on shipping. So you could end up paying closer to $1,300 if you don’t search for the best price. I know though that if you buy either model straight from (rather than from another dealer through Amazon), then you will get free shipping.


With Amazon, you can return most things for a full refund up to thirty days after getting the receipt. And if you’re sending it back because of a mistake that Amazon made, they will even pay for shipping. Of course, some dealers who sell on Amazon will have different return policies so you should be aware of who you’re actually buying it from and what you can expect from them.


Another nice thing about shopping for drones on Amazon is that you can buy accessories and other needed items in the same place. For example, I found that Amazon is selling a protective wheeled case to go along with the Phantom 3. This is super handy if you plan on travelling frequently with your Phantom 3. Also with Amazon, like most other sites, you can look at the reviews section to see how other customers have felt about the Phantom 3 and about the service they’ve received from Amazon.


Many dealers only sell one brand of drones or only a few different types but Amazon has an incredible large selection of drones and great reviews on buying the Phantom 3specifically. If you’re hoping to get a Phantom 3 in the near future, don’t forget to look at the different options available on Amazon.

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