DJI Phantom 3 News


DJI Phantom 3 News


Leading up to the release of the DJI Phantom 3, there were rumors about prices, features, and other gossipy topics. Now even more DJI Phantom 3 news is coming out and more will come about new software updates and the like.


Drone enthusiasts should keep up with the latest news about their favorite drones, and the biggest news surrounding the Phantom 3 has, of course, been its release. DJI held a release party in Japan and since then you can find the Phantom 3 for sale from most drone dealers.


Before the Phantom 3 came out, there were all sorts of leaked information about different features and rumored prices. Well now we know all the specifics for sure. The Phantom 3 comes in two variations—Professional and Advanced. The latter is the lower end of the two. Phantom 3 has all the same features of the Inspire 1 but comes at a much cheaper price. Advanced—$999; Professional—$1,259; Inspire 1—$2, 899


Since it rivals the Inspire 1, a lot of people have been questioning if the Inspire 1 is still worth getting at all. Will the Inspire 1 quickly go off the market to make way for the Phantom 3 models? Well, there are a few differences between the Inspire 1 and Phantom 3 that may still sway you to pick the Inspire 1 even though it is more than double the price of the Phantom 3.


  1. Propellers. With the Inspire 1, you can raise the props so that they are completely out of the way. I’m not saying the Phantom 3 props are going to be in every shot but they don’t transform like the Inspire 1.
  2. Removable camera. The Inspire 1 camera is detachable which allows for future upgrades—meaning the Inspire 1 camera could surpass the Phantom 3 Professional camera very shortly.
  3. Dual-pilot operation. The Inspire 1 can set up two remote controllers so that one controls flight while the other controls camera operation.


There are a few other minor differences but these show that the Inspire 1 is still a bit ahead. Whether you think these differences are enough to convince you to choose the Inspire 1 over the Phantom 3 is up to you.


Some other big news is the updated Phantom 3 firmware that came out just a few weeks ago. The first update (V1.1.8) came out on May 8th and it fixed the problem of not being able to update firmware while the controller is turned off. The next update (V1.1.9) was released on the 22nd and it fixed a few different problems: (1) some Phantom 3s couldn’t determine the altitude they were flying at; (2) the Pilot app couldn’t find or display the history of battery errors; and (3) some devices couldn’t display the progress of compass calibration properly. It’s good to know that all the bugs are getting worked out so that every Phantom 3 can fly smoothly and respond accurately to your every command.


Check DJI’s news site every once in a while to keep updated on the latest Phantom 3 news.

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