DJI Phantom 3 Price


DJI Phantom 3 Price


DJI has come out with some of the most cutting-edge drones on the market, and DJI is the only drone company to create a drone with the most advanced technology in the most ready-to-fly condition. You can take these drones anywhere to capture creative and intriguing shots that will inspire and encourage others to look at things from a new angle. Even when not taking photos, you will enjoy taking your drone out for a spin around mountains and over rivers. Who wouldn’t want to try out some crazy maneuvers on a flying drone? And, let’s be honest, everyone looks cooler with a sophisticated remote controller in their hands.


All in all, getting a drone is something that goes on a lot of people’s wish lists. No one really has to convince anyone that having a drone is just that awesome. So what holds people back from getting one? The Price.


Of course, you can find mini toy drones that only cost about 10 bucks. And there are even some slightly-better quality drones that you can get for under $100. But if you really want to extend your reach, take stunning pictures, and find out what a great drone can really do, you’ll be looking at prices close to the thousands. The most expensive models used in filmmaking and other expensive projects will be around 8 grand. Although you probably won’t need one of these, most drone prices may not quite fit in your pocket. And when you add on the price of extra needed accessories, the dream of owning a drone for recreation becomes laughable.


Luckily, with advancing technology, drone companies are coming out with drones that will give you every advanced feature you could want while also managing to lower the cost to more affordable prices. The Inspire 1 is one of the more expensive ones you will see at $2,899. Pricey but not outrageous considering its amazing features. Unlike most other drones, it comes with its own 4k removable camera and integrated Lightbridge system. Definitely a drone many people want to get their hands on.


However, you don’t need to pay that much to get pretty much all the same awesome features.


DJI has just recently come out with their newest drone: the Phantom 3. It is almost like a smaller version of the Inspire 1, and it comes at less than half the cost. There are two variations of the Phantom 3: Advanced and Professional. The Advanced only costs $999 and the Professional costs $1,259. The difference comes in the quality of camera since the Professional comes with a 4k camera and the Advanced camera can only shoot 1080p at 60fps (still good, just not quite as good).


You will be blown away by the power and maneuverability of the Phantom 3. It has 23 minutes of flight time—more than the Inspire 1! It has an integrated Lightbridge system and live video streaming. The pilot app is great for adjusting every setting and viewing all the stats. And there are a ton of safety features that keep you and your drone safe.


The Phantom 3 is a great DJI model, and it comes at incredibly cheap prices. And just think, after it’s been out for a while and new advancements have been made, even those prices may drop a bit.

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