Mini Drones for Sale

June 08, 2015

Mini Drones for Sale


There are many thousand-dollar drones out there that have sophisticated control systems and high-quality cameras. Anyone can appreciate how advanced they are but these may not be the kind of drones you are looking for.


You might want a drone for your son or daughter to play with. You might want a drone that you can fly around your backyard and annoy your visiting relatives with. Or you might just want a drone that you can practice maneuvers on until you move on to the big stuff.


Whatever the need, there are mini drones for sale that will be a perfect fit.


Even though you aren’t interested in the thousand dollar drones, you still want a drone that is going to be worth your money. Here, we’ve got a few different options of mini drones that are super affordable but also have good quality that will make them last for many flights.


  1. Parrot Minidrone Rolling Spider

This is a great drone for children and beginners since it is durable and small enough that it will keep itself and its environment safe. It costs about $80 and has amazing abilities that many other drones don’t come with. It can run from ceiling to walls to floor, it can flip in amazing half turns and U-turns, and it can even fly up to 66 feet. This acrobatic drone will fit in your hands and fly for up to 8 minutes at a time.


  1. Hubsan X4

This quadcopter comes with first person view so you can practice flying with camera capabilities. It fits in your palm, but its size is no indicator of its power. It can flip and roll in 360 degrees, fly outdoors, and fly in the dark. It also charges with USB, has a 2.4GHz remote controller, and gets in about 7 minutes of flight time. And, depending on where you get it, it will only cost you about $20 to $50.


  1. Cheerson CX-10

This little guy is tons of fun to play with and only costs about $20. It too will fit in the palm of your hand. It has an adjustable gyroscope which stabilizes flight. You can adjust the speeds of three different levels and get about 4-8 minutes of flight at a time. This isn’t a lot of time to play around with but for the cheap price, you can’t complain too much about having to recharge frequently.


  1. Syma X12 Nano Quad

You won’t believe how small this thing is. Only 2 inches diagonally. And what comes packed in that small amount of space is just evidence of how far drone technology has come. This drone has a few different LED lights that help you fly in the dark. It has two different speeds: high and low. It has very stable flight and can be flown indoors as well as outdoors. It gets about 6 to 8 minutes of flight time and costs about $20. It is easy to fly and is perfect for first time flyers.


Any one of these tiny little quadcopters is going to be perfect for your mini drone needs.

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