Aerial Video Drone for Sale


Aerial Video Drone for Sale


Drones have already transformed the filmmaking industry. With aerial video shots, you can get so much more out of every scene than you would have otherwise. Imagine an intense battle scene. It’s easy to film the main characters of the movie as they slash down their enemies, but if you want to get a shot of the scope of the battle, the only way to do it is take to the skies. Or imagine filming a documentary about zebras. It can be difficult, not to mention potentially dangerous, to film these animals as they gallop together as a herd. You can try running alongside them with a camera on tracks or drive in a car while filming. But if you run, you won’t keep up and neither shot will show the power of a hundred zebras all running together. Getting a shot from up above makes the scene just that much more powerful.


With videography needs such as these and more, there are aerial video drones for sale that will put all others to shame.


There are different types of aerial video drones. Some are a little simpler and are generally only used for home videos and other photography hobbies. Others are used for big-time film productions. And still others are used for agriculture, research, and other practical uses that go beyond taking video into giving extended view of an issue or situation. If you look online, you will see lists of dozens of uses for aerial video drones beyond just filming your exciting vacation out of the country.


I’m going to look beyond the usual commercial drones here to the aerial video drones that are generally used in this third category I listed: the more practical stuff.


For agriculture, there are some drone companies like Precision Hawk and Precision Drone that make drones specifically designed to collect data from crop fields and animals.


For security, search and rescue, and other governmental work, drones are for sale through companies like Micro Drones and SteadiDrone.


The intense filming companies are going to use drones that come out of companies like Flying-Cam. The drone Flying-Cam 3.0 SARAH actually won an award for one of the movies it helped film. This particular drone actually has a helicopter design rather than the quadcopter design, which is used much more widely for aerial video. This drone has an all-integrated system and up to an incredible 30 minutes of flight time with only 1 hour to recharge. It is flight time like this that makes these sorts of drones more desirable for movies since they will be filming for hours at a time.


Hovercam is another company that has won awards for incredible filming. Although they have quadcopter and octocopter drones, their Helicam helicopter model is the winner. Unlike most other drones, this one has a turbine engine which gives it incredible flight times. And it can carry the heavier, more professional cameras like the Red Epic, which most others cannot. Depending on the crew, camera, and payload with Helicam filming, this will cost anywhere from 1,250 to 4,000 pounds a day. This is serious money but when you consider the cost of flying a manned helicopter for a day, this is much more reasonable.


There are many aerial video drones for sale. They are expensive but worth it for the professional shots they get and the money saved by not using a manned helicopter.

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