Quad Drones for Sale


Quad Drones for Sale


There are many different types of drone designs. There is the helicopter design with only the one main propeller and one tail rotor. Then there’s the octocopter design which has eight propellers and is generally used for larger payloads. But the quadcopter design is the most popular of all the consumer drones as it offers you the least amount of propellers needed for maximum control and maneuverability.


I’m going to look at some quad drones for sale that offer some pretty interesting features that almost no other drones offer.


First is the Lily. Lily is a camera drone that is almost completely autonomous, meaning it can fly itself without any commands from a remote controller. All you have to do it toss the drone into the air and it will start flying and filming. You might wonder what the point of having a completely autonomous camera drone is. If you can’t control it, you can’t get the right shots, right? Well, Lily is designed to follow you wherever you go. That way, you can film yourself while doing any number of activities: snowboarding, rock climbing, even water sports since Lily is completely waterproof and won’t get damaged if it takes a nosedive into the river. In fact, Lily actually floats so you could land her in water if you really felt like it. Lily’s got all the tech of a great quad drone and has a great camera that films at 1080p at 60fps. Lily’s follow-me and waterproof design make Lily an unusual but super cool drone that you can preorder now. (It’ll be available early 2016 for about $499.)


This next drone is unusual for its crazy acrobatics: the Parrot Minidrone Rolling Spider. It has large wheels extending beyond the quad propellers that let the drone flip in amazing U-turns and half turns. It can even roll from ceiling to walls to floor with the wheel/quad-propeller combo. The Rolling Spider is small enough to fit easily in your open hands but it still has the power to fly for 8 minutes at a time. At about $80, this is a great drone for children and beginners since it is durable and small enough that it will keep itself and its environment safe.


The last drone is the Hubsan X4 Pro which was released earlier this year. It costs almost $1,000, which is much more than the first two here, but it is one of the highest-quality consumer drones on the market right now. It makes the list of unique quad drones for sale because of its flight time and parachute. It boasts over 40 minutes of flight time, which is more than I’ve seen in any other consumer drone so far—twice as much as most of them. My favorite part of the X4 Pro is the attachable and reusable parachute that will release in case of collisions. You would think that other consumer drones would come with this safety feature as it protects the drone from even more harm from the fall, beyond just a collision.


These are just three quad drones for sale that are unusual but great buys.

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  • Ashley Smith
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