Civilian Drones for Sale


Civilian Drones for Sale


Drones are used by the military for dangerous operations and by the police for search-and-rescue missions, surveillance, border control, and more. But drones don’t just have to be for government use, there are many civilian drones for sale that could provide you a fun hobby, or allow you to tackle aerial photography, or even enable you to do a little surveillance of your own of your property.


Don’t think that you have to be limited by what you can do on foot. Just take a look at all the drones that are available for civilians. Here are just a few of the many dozen:


SeresRoad CXHOBBY CX-20. This is an advanced quadcopter that costs about $327 on Amazon and gets in about 15 minutes of flight time. It has a GoPro mount perfect for attaching a GoPro camera for fun flight recording. It has a safe, auto-home landing feature that will bring the drone back to the home point if it is almost out of juice. It has two different flight modes: GPS attitude and attitude control. It also comes with several protections that should prevent the CX-20 from crashing. This is a fun and cheap drone to get for your first flights.


Walkera Tali H500. This drone is quite a bit more sophisticated than the CX-20. It actually has 6 propellers rather than the traditional 4 or even 8. But this just gives the drone even more maneuverability. The Tali H500 costs about $1,300 and has an impressive flight time of about 25 minutes. It comes with its own iLook+ HD camera and a 5in viewing screen that allows you to see everything the camera does. The screen will also show all sorts of GPS data like altitude, coordinates, and distance. Beyond all of this, the remote controller is easy to use and has quick commands such as a one-key command for return to home and another for holding position. This is a great drone for the drone flyer with a little more experience.


3DR Solo was released in the U.S. earlier this year. It’ll cost about $1,800 once you purchase the drone, the gimbal, and the camera. It is one of the first-ever smart drones in that it can fly almost completely autonomously, letting you fly hands-free for a while. It has a smart battery, external LED lights, a 3-axis gimbal, live video feed, and an onboard computer. The Solo itself doesn’t come with a camera, but it is designed to give you complete control of the newest GoPro camera. The controls give you full access to every GoPro setting. It will stream video live to your mobile device, and you can record while in flight. This is definitely at the top end of drones available for civilians but if you want something that reaches towards the same quality as drones used by the pros, this is a great option.


As always, make sure you know all the basics for flying your drone and make sure you follow all the standard regulations, but don’t let anything keep you from expanding your reach.

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  • Mac

    Do you have a transceiver that will bind and operate the “Aton Drone by Traxxas”?

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