Flying Drones for Sale

June 10, 2015

Flying Drones for Sale


Everyone has those moments where they are trying out something new or are just in the middle of a great moment and they think “I wish someone had seen that!” But in those moments it’s hard to stop everything to pull out your camera. And sometimes having a designated person take the shots of your new endeavors is not always doable—if you’re climbing a steep rock face, for example, your friend at the bottom just won’t be able to take pictures of much more than the bottom of your shoes. For the adventurer in you, it pays to have a flying camera drone available to catch every good moment—every bad moment too!


Very recently, a new drone has been made that you can actually wear. On your wrist. It’s called Nixie. It snaps on your wrist just like any other fashionable, futuristic bracelet. And with one gesture from you, the drone will unhook and fly off to take your picture. Right now it can only snap one picture before returning to you but other modes are in the works. Soon it may be possible for it to take longer videos of you, and if you think with convenience you have to sacrifice quality, that’s not true. This camera is 1080p which is almost as good as you can get. Unfortunately, this ultimate selfie drone, Nixie, is not for sale yet but you can preorder it soon and get the most recent updates through their website.


Other, more traditional, flying dronesare going to come out of popular drone manufacturing companies like Parrot, DJI, Walkera, Hubsan, 3DR, and others. In most of these companies they have cheaper drones that are perfectly suited for beginners to learn and, for experts, more top-quality drones that are at the pinnacle of growing drone technology.


Here are the highlights of just two other flying drones:


Parrot Bebop Drone is a quality drone, but it doesn’t sacrifice price to get this as it only costs about $500. It lightweight and safe with a durable structure and safety features that will stop the props in a collision and will bring the drone back to home if any troublesome circumstances come up. And you can even attach protective barriers around the propellers if you need to. The Bebop also comes with its own 14MP camera that has incredible stabilizing technology to keep all your pictures clear, and the first person view gives you full piloting control.


Another option is the Blade 350 QX3 which costs around $999. It comes with an HD camera, three-axis gimbal, and GPS positioning. With four different flight modes that are great for beginners who want to have the guidance of an easier flight mode and experts who are used to more control. It comes ready to fly and you can set flight boundaries to keep your drone exactly where you want it. It also gets about 10 to 15 minutes of flight time, and it can reach speeds up to 40mph, making the Blade 350 a competitive model.


There are so many terrific flying drones out there. You’ve probably seen many of them and have put them on your wish list. Well don’t wait. The time to get flying was yesterday. So get up, get out there, and catch up to technology.

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