DJI Drone Review

June 10, 2015

DJI Drone Review


Pretty much everyone in the drone world knows what DJI is. DJI is one of the leading manufacturers of drones. The company began in 2006 and has now grown to become a global workforce, headquartered in China. DJI has created a Spreading Wings series, a Phantom series, and an Inspire series (thought right now there’s only 1 Inspire). Each of these drones is top quality and offers what many other drones do not.


To review the drones DJI has come out with, let’s look at each series individually.


The Phantom Series

This series includes the Phantom 1, 2, 2 Vision, 2 Vision+, 3 Professional, and 3 Advanced. That’s 6 separate drones. Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages that deserve their own reviews. As a whole, the Phantom models are the most popular out of everything DJI has come out with. Each newest model is a huge advancement from the Phantom model before it. This is expected but the greatest thing about each newer model is that they are generally only slightly more expensive than the model before it, making the previous models almost obsolete. DJI doesn’t even produce the Phantom 1 or Phantom 2anymore.


Either way, most people are pleased with the Phantoms. There are a few complaints here and there about bugs that may have interrupted their flying or caused them a headache. But, like I said, each successive Phantom model is even better than the last and the DJI team is always working on updates that sweep out all the bugs. The one issue that seems to come up a lot is that the camera may often show the Phantom’s legs or even propellers in some shots. While this can be edited out, some people find this very annoying.


The Inspire

The Inspire 1 is a great drone that is arguably at the forefront of consumer drone technology and is the best drone you can get for one simple reason: it has everything you could need for recreational drone use. With most other drones, you sacrifice one thing or another—even huge things like the camera or controller—but this isn’t the case with the Inspire. It flies incredibly smooth and accurately and any bugs that people encounter are constantly being worked out of the system. The biggest problem, I think, with the Inspire 1 is the price. $2,899 is understandable, or at least it was before the Phantom 3 came along. The Phantom 3 has nearly every feature the Inspire has but comes at less than half the cost. The Inspire 1 is a truly inspiring drone but I wonder if DJI might come out with a newer model to outdo their own accomplishments with the Phantom 3.


The Spreading Wings Series

There are 5 different models in the Spreading Wings series. Each one is incredibly powerful and has either 6 or 8 propellers rather than the traditional 4. These drones are designed to carry heavier payloads necessary for jobs like professional cinematography and search-and-rescue. The cheaper models cost between $3,500 and $4,500, making these great for commercial use but not really worth it for recreational use.


I will note that some people are not huge fans of DJI’s customer service. Well, you can still get the great drones without having to talk to or deal with DJI directly by buying through other DJI dealers that will offer you competitive prices with all the great customer service you need. Overall, you really can’t go wrong with a drone from DJI.

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