DJI Drone Stock

June 11, 2015

DJI Drone Stock

As DJI is one of the leading dronemanufacturers in the world, a lot of people keep their eye on any information regarding DJI stock—which is a smart idea.


Last year, 2014, DJI sales were close to 500 million dollars, easily beating out all of its competitors. But it doesn’t end there; DJI is growing. There are estimates that this number will double by the end of this year, and DJI is seeking to raise at a valuation of $10 billion.


DJI’s market share in the U.S. is expanding. And quickly. Part of the hold back in the past, and what is expanding stock now, is all the FAA regulations surround drones in the U.S. Up until pretty recently, it has been nearly impossible for anyone to legally fly drones for commercial use. Recently, however, the regulations have started changing, making it easier to get a permit to fly drones commercially. It’s likely that these rules will continue to change as time goes on, technology advances, and demand increases. With these changes, just about anyone will be able to fly a drone for recreation or commercial use. And in all of these uses, the top company that everyone turns to to get their drones is DJI.


It is this growing demand that is helping the DJI market share expand in the U.S. This only makes sense since the drones to come out of DJI are well-equipped to aid in a wide variety of tasks such as video production, search-and-rescue, and real estate. Big companies like Amazon, Northrop Grumman, and Google are trying hard to get behind the next big thing with advancement in drone use. Such ideas are being tossed around and explored—like the idea of drones delivering packages to your doorstep. This would certainly cut out some middle-man work between the store and your doorstep that might result in reduced shipping prices. There are also ideas of drones being able to reduce air pollution with specialized chemicals.

Estimates don’t just predict sales growth for DJI in the next couple of years, but also huge growth within the next decade or two. This shows that investing in DJI is smart and will provide benefits in the long term as DJI’s sales won’t just fizzle out after a few years. This is probably helped by the fact that DJI is tentatively planning on expanding its products into more sophisticated drones. Its feet are already planted firmly in the top spot for lower-end consumer drones. If DJI were to expand its products, there’s a good chance it will also lead (or at least be a serious competitor) in high-end drones.


Whether you or your company is looking for another company to invest in, you should give DJI a serious consideration. One thing is for sure, the dronemarket will advance over the coming years and no matter the advancements it makes, DJI will be a major player. When it comes to DJI drone stock, you don’t want to be late to the party.

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