DJI Drone

June 11, 2015

DJI Drone

DJI is easily the leading consumer drone manufacturing company in the world. It has made 12 drone models to date and more drone merchandise besides those. Let’s look at the newest drone model in each series.



There are 6 separate drones in the Phantom series, and, as a whole, the Phantom models are the most popular out of everything DJI has come out with. The Phantom 3 Professional and Phantom 3 Advanced were released at the same time earlier this year, making them the newest Phantom models.


In all aspects except the camera and battery charger, both Phantom 3 versions are exactly the same. The Phantom 3 has a three-axis gimbal, and sophisticated takeoff and landing controls. It has an integrated Lightbridge system, which gives it a 1.2mi complete control range (a huge step up from the previous Phantom models) and a clear, HD, first-person view.


A variety of modes and settings allows you to tailor the Phantom 3 to your flying preferences. The beginner mode is particularly helpful as it will limit the radius the drone can fly in, preventing it from flying into obstacles on your first few flights out. You can set this feature and more on the powerful DJI Pilot app. The biggest problem (and really one of the only problems) with the Phantom 3 is that you may get the props and legs in some of the shots when you fly in a certain direction. This can be edited out, but it’s still a bit of a pain.


The Inspire 1 is the only drone in its series. It is arguably the best drone you can get for one simple reason: it has everything. With the Inspire you don’t have to choose to have either a terrific camera or smooth flight. It has everything the Phantom 3 has and more. Beyond the capabilities you get with the Phantom 3, the Inspire 1 also offers dual-remote control, completely unobstructed camera shots, a removable camera that will allow for future upgrades, and an HDMI output. Even with all of these features, there is still the question of whether the Inspire 1 is worth it over the Phantom 3, which costs less than half the price. Overall, I think everything the Inspire 1 offers is still worth the time and money.


Spreading Wings

The newest drone in the Spreading Wings series is the Spreading Wings S1000+. It is an octocopter rather than the usual quadcopter design and, like the other drones in this series, it is geared more towards professional cinematography than anything else. All of the Spreading Wings models can carry heavier payloads than your typical consumer drone, and you can compare the features of each model on the DJI site. The S1000+ has foldable arms, retractable landing gear, vibration reduction, and incredible power. However, it does cost between $4,100 and $4,550, depending on what package you buy.


You can’t deny that each DJI drone has top-notch quality, top-notch durability, and top-notch features. You won’t be disappointed with any DJI drone you get.


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