DJI Drone Dealers

June 11, 2015 1 Comment

DJI Drone Dealers

Although you can purchase a drone from DJI directly, many people prefer to buy through a DJI drone dealer because of different prices, deals, policies, and services. A few of the most popular are B&H, Drones Etc., Best Buy, Hobby King, and Amazon. With most of these places you have to buy from them online. If you’re the kind of buyer who likes to talk to sales associates in person, this could be a problem. Fortunately, on DJI’s site, you will find tons of locations for DJI drone dealers.


Just click on the “dealers” tab on any DJI drone page, and there will be a map showing locations across the world. You can choose which content and country to look at then search in your area to find DJI dealers near you. Looking at the DJI site, here are some places you can look into: A Main Hobbies, HobbyTown, Century Helicopter, Drones Made Easy, Aerial Media Pros, and Dronefly, Inc. If you’re looking to browse and talk to some pros, any of the stores that exclusively sell drones such as Drones Made Easy or Dronefly are probably the best options, but if you really don’t care about going in person, your online options are nearly limitless.


Deciding which dealer to buy from is an important decision. Make sure to look at the prices they offer, customer reviews, and what policies and services that company has. I’ve seen countless reviews of customers who were excited to buy a new drone but then had such nightmares when it came to the company’s service. A lot of people will have issues getting anyone to help them with problems they’ve had with their drone. Other people will wait for weeks or months for their drone to be shipped to them. To avoid these problems and more, just look over everything your drone dealer offers. If there are issues, it’s a good idea to look somewhere else.


Some say that B&H is the best company to buy DJI drones from. B&H does have great shipping policies that will ensure your drone gets shipped to you as quickly as possible and you can get free expedited shipping anywhere in the contiguous United States, which is a great plus. The customer service at B&H is top-notch and if you have any questions that they can’t answer right away, they will take the time to get the answer for you. The return service is great as you can return it within 30 days, and B&H will help you through any difficulties you have in the return process.

Drones Etc. is another company has great customer reviews and extensive drone experience. It also has free same-day shipping and a great 10-day return policy. There’s also a price match guarantee if you find somewhere that sells the DJI drone you want at a lower price. And they have a team of experts ready to repair your drone if it ever gets damaged.


HobbyTown is a great option for buying in person because there are locations all across the United States, and, unlike most large chain stores that sell everything from an electric toothbrush to a DJI drone, drones make up a big part of HobbyTown’s merchandise, so they will be more knowledgeable about the drone you might want.

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Ken COvino
Ken COvino

October 08, 2015

Need to find dealer that can upgrade my firmware

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