DJI Drone Repair

June 11, 2015

DJI Drone Repair


Everyone knows that DJI dronesare engineered with the highest quality and technology. Their value makes the cost of each one nothing to sneeze at. Despite wanting to keep them in top condition, these drones can’t just stay in the box forever—they need to be used up. But accidents happen. Maybe you accidentally fly your Inspire 1 into the side of a concrete wall. Maybe you suddenly lose control of you Phantom 2 Vision+ and it comes crashing to the ground. Maybe you run into unforeseen, damaging weather conditions while flying the new Phantom 3. Whatever the issue and whatever the damage, there is DJI drone repair.


Unfortunately, DJI’s repair service isn’t as simple as just sending in your drone, having it fixed, and then getting it back the very next week. The repair you get depends on a few different factors. Through DJI itself, there is a flow chart for service after you buy your drone that will tell you what steps to take, what service is free, and what service you need to pay for. Just go to the support tab on DJI’s site and click on “after-sales service policies” to see the flow chart.


First, call DJI’s after-sales technical support. They will diagnose and confirm the issue, then ask you to fill out a repair form (which is available on DJI’s site). You can then send your product to the repair center where they will test the drone to see what needs repair and see if the issue qualifies you to exchange the drone or get a refund.


If an exchange or refund is not necessary but the drone still needs to be fixed, DJI will check the warranty. If everything complies with this policy, then DJI will repair your drone for free and deliver it back to you as soon as possible.


If your drone does not comply with the warranty policy, then you can either pay for DJI to repair it or just pay for the diagnostics and pay to have the drone sent back to you.


For all refunds and exchanges, you can click on the tab next to “after-sales service policies.” This will show you all the policies about refunds and exchanges. And the tab next to that will take you to the paid repair service. If your warranty has expired, you can still pay for the DJI repair, which is a better option than just paying for a replacement drone.


With DJI’s service, most people say it takes maybe four to five weeks for your drone to be repaired and sent back to you. But this is really dependent on the type of damage.


Some people prefer to fix everything themselves, but be aware that you could cause more harm than good this way. There are other options for repair besides going to DJI or doing the repair yourself. Many dealers have a repair team that can fix any amount of damage, and some may even get it back to you faster than DJI. For more information on repair policies and procedures, contact the specific dealer and ask.


Don’t wait to get your DJI drone repaired. The sooner it’s fixed, the sooner you can log in more flight time.

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