DJI Inspire Drone


DJI Inspire Drone


What do other drones have that the Inspire 1 hasn’t got?


Nothing. That’s right, nothing. When talking only about consumer drones, the DJI Inspire 1 is the only one that has the best of everything in one system. The only thing that holds anyone back from buying it and the only thing that has anyone questioning whether or not the Inspire 1 is worth it is the price. $2,899 is a big price tag for recreational equipment. But, hey, if there is a lot of money burning a hole in your pocket, there would be no need to even look at any other drones, because the Inspire 1 beats them all.


Now that the Phantom 3 has come out with a lot of the same features as the Inspire 1 but at half the cost, the Inspire 1 seems a bit overpriced. Everything that is packed into the Inspire 1 is worth the price, in my opinion, but whether or not you should buy the Inspire 1 really depends on what you need a drone for.


The Inspire1 is one of the most advanced drones out there. The controller contains an integrated Lightbridge system that allows you to communicate every move to your drone in the sky. The Inspire 1 will respond immediately, smoothly, and accurately so that controlling it becomes second nature. The Inspire 1 comes with a pretty unique remote feature where you can link slave remotes to the master remote and have several people working on the same flight at the same time.


Although indoor flight is always tricky, the Inspire 1 can be flown indoors as well as outdoors due to the lightweight, carbon-fiber design and smart positioning systems.


The DJI Intelligent Flight Battery that comes with the Inspire 1 is powerful and has an above-average flight time of 18 minutes and has several features that allow it to be used efficiently. You can even purchase an extra battery that is a little more advanced and will get about 22 minutes of flight time.

The Inspire 1 also comes with a really good 4k camera that almost all other consumer drones do not come with. Some people will argue that the GoPro camera is better, and while this debate is best answered by whoever is controlling the camera, just realize that the Inspire 1 camera was specially made for the drone so is great for flying shots. It keeps any distortion to a minimum and the 3-axis gimbal is so smooth that you can’t even tell the drone is flying around in every direction. Through the Pilot app, you can control every movement of your camera and edit every shot as soon as you take it.

The power of the Inspire 1 is incredible. The max speed it can fly is about 50 mph with no wind resistance at all, and the most wind resistance the Inspire can take is about 22 mph, though some have flown it in even stronger winds. With features and capabilities like these, it’s no wonder that the Inspire 1 is at the top of the market.

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