Best Drone to Buy Online


Best Drone to Buy Online


Imagine ordering a pizza and fifteen minutes later your doorbell rings. Instead of a pizza guy standing there, a drone hovers there instead, waiting for you to take your favorite pepperoni. Seem a little weird? Or just awesome.


The technology is about an inch away and regulation changes for aerial drones are just a few feet behind that. Now imagine how close you are to holding something like that incredible technology in your hands. One wish and a few clicks away. That’s how far. Just figure out which is the best drone to buy and then order it online. Within a few days it will be sitting on your doorstep, just waiting to take off.


The hardest part about this is figuring out which drone is the best.


Despite what anyone tells you, the “best” drone does not only depend on fancy features. The best drone for you might be a $200 drone that is a big hit at family reunions and work barbeques. For flights like this, you don’t need the fancy features.


But if smooth sophistication is what you need, there is a short list of consumer drones that are the “best that money can buy.” At the top of this list are DJI drones. Specifically, the Inspire 1 and the Phantom 3 models. These are some of the best drones to buy online for their ready-to-fly design, stellar cameras, and Lightbridge systems. If you aren’t afraid to pay for the best, these won’t disappoint.


If you know these aren’t what you’re looking for, but you still need to narrow down your search a bit, ask yourself a few questions. You need to know who will be flying, what it will be used for, what your price range is, and what features you want. Answering these questions will help you find the drone that you will be satisfied with. Once you’ve answered these questions, you might want to search specific manufacturers’ websites for the drone that best fits your preferences. Some popular drone manufacturers that have been known to be reliable are Parrot, DJI, Walkera, Hubsan, and 3DR. Look at these companies’ products for the drone that fits your price and your needs.


Two particular drones that I’ve noticed have great features but fall in a medium price range are the Walkera QR X350 Pro and the Parrot AR Drone 2.0. The Walkera model costs only about $300, depending on where you buy it from. It comes with a 2-axis gimbal and an impressive 25 minutes of flight time. Although this doesn’t have a camera, this drone is durable and efficient. The Parrot model is very popular and also costs about $300. This one is already equipped with a quality camera and has barriers around the propellers to reduce damage. The Parrot can get up to about 11mph, has about 20 minutes of flight time, and its sensors allow for smooth flying and increased control.


No need to buy directly from the manufacturer though. There are plenty of online dealers that may have better deals and policies that will give you a positive buying experience.

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