Quadcopter for Sale


Quadcopter for Sale


Drones come in a couple of different propeller designs—octocopter, hexacopter, quadcopter, and helicopter. By far the most popular consumer drone design is the quadcopter. The four-propeller configuration gives the drone maximum maneuverability with the minimum amount of propellers.


There is a wide range of quadcopters for sale. From amateur recreational use to quadcopters for the pros. From less-known brands to the big-name, top-of-the line manufacturers. And from all sorts of sizes and features. With so many quadcopters to sift through and choose from, it can be hard to find the one drone that will satisfy you for many years to come. I’ve outlined a few drones here that may help narrow down your search.


Toy quadcopters that are just for fun:

You’ve probably seen an ad or two for the high-end drones that come with every imaginable feature and cost much more than just a few hundred dollars. While it’s true these are great drones, if you’re only looking for some backyard fun with your kids, you don’t need the extra features and you don’t need to scrounge around for extra money in your wallet. For toy quadcopters, you can get just about any one online that is durable and safe. These will all cost less than $100, just pay attention to customer reviews to make sure that the drone you get will be durable enough to last more than one or two flights.


Camera quadcopters that capture those stunning shots:

For great aerial photography, you do not want to cut corners on the quality of the camera or on drone-camera stability. You also want a drone that will execute any maneuver to get the hard-to-reach shots. The best camera quadcopters are going to come from DJI—either the Inspire 1 ($2,899) or the Phantom 3 Professional ($1,259). But there are plenty of other camera drones that you can attach a GoPro to and these will cost you far less. The Walkera QR X350 Pro is just one example and it only costs about $300 depending on where you get it from.


Drone enthusiasts that care about flight first and photography second:

You want a quadcopter that you can take full control of. A quadcopter that will impress you and your friends. If you fall in this category, you probably can’t wait to get your hands on one of the new models of 2015. Like the Walkera Voyager 3 with its one-key features. Or the Hubsan X4 Pro which somehow boasts 40 minutes of flight time. You definitely want to try out Lily, which will follow you wherever you go and which comes out next year.


Pros who know it:

If you’re a pro at everything drones, then you already know exactly what you want and you’ve already figured out exactly how to get it. The pros want the newest and most reliable technology. Like the DJI Inspire 1 and DJI Phantom 3 Professional. The 3DR Solo, one of the first-ever smart drones, is another new drone that has everyone oohing and aahing. These and other new quadcopters for sale are going to make every other drone owner wish they’d upgraded too.

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