DJI Quadcopter for Sale


 DJI Quadcopter for Sale


For DJI quadcopters for sale, look to the Phantom and Inspire series.


The Phantom Series has a history of 6 different drone models. The earlier Phantom models, like Phantom 1 and 2, are very simple compared to the later models and aren’t for sale anymore in a lot of stores. But there are still a few places you can buy them: B&H, Amazon, and eBay are a few. The Phantom 1 will generally cost about $300 depending on where you get it from. The Phantom 1 has about 15 minutes of flight time, IOC, and a GoPro camera mount. It’s still a great model for drone enthusiasts.


The Phantom 2 has its own miniseries with 3 different models: Phantom 2, 2 Vision, and 2 Vision +. The difference between the original Phantom 2 and the newer models in the series is the camera. The Phantom 2 has no camera and only costs around $500. It does have 25 minutes of flight time, a useful ground station feature, and it can be linked to a Lightbridge system. The Phantom 2 Vision and Vision +, however, have their own built-in cameras that shoot in 1080p. They also have built-in Wi-Fi, radar positioning, a new compass, and terrific video settings. (The Vision + also comes with 3-axis camera stabilization.) The Phantom 2 Vision costs around $800 while the Vision + costs about $1,299.


The Phantom 3 is the newest quadcopter to come out of DJI. It has many of the same features as the Inspire 1 such as an integrated Lightbridge system, an incredible control range, and it comes with great cameras—a different one for the Phantom 3 Professional versus Advanced. Both models have live HD view, which is becoming more standard for quality camera drones these days. The Phantom 3 also comes with a cool safety feature where you can set limits of how far away from you your drone can fly. This means you won’t easily lose sight of it and accidentally crash into something. With all of its features, this drone is quickly becoming the one that everyone wants as their go-to. What makes it truly incredible is the price. Even though it comes ready-to-fly with many of the same features as the Inspire 1, you only pay $1,259 for the Professional and $999 for the Advanced.


The Inspire 1 still has its perks though and I don’t think it will fade out of style for quite a few more years. Yes, it does cost $2,899, which is significantly higher than the Phantom 3. But the Inspire has all that the Phantom 3 has and more. It has everything. It has the integrated Lightbridge system, a possible 22 minutes of flight time, and a 4k camera. But unlike the Phantom 3, the Inspire’s camera is removable so that if future upgrades become available, you won’t be stuck with an old camera and gimbal. It also has retractable landing gear, which allows you to raise the landing gear out of sight of the camera. The flight and response of the Inspire is also noticeably smoother than the Phantom 3 and other competing models.


In my opinion, the Inspire 1 is the best quadcopter for sale anywhere, no matter what features other companies boast. But all in all, you can’t go wrong with any DJI model.

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  • Ashley Smith
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