Phantom 3 Quadcopter for Sale

June 15, 2015 2 Comments

Phantom 3 Quadcopter for Sale


I imagine there have been an infinite amount of times throughout history when everyone thought “it cannot possibly get any better than this.” They probably thought that when the first horse-drawn cart was made, making it possible for people and goods to travel long distances without ever needing to walk. They probably thought the same thing when the first play was put on, entertaining people for hours. When the first donut was invented, everyone probably thought food as a whole had reached the pinnacle of deliciousness. But in every case, things would only get better and better.


It’s no different for drones. New ones are coming out all the time, each one with more advanced features than the last. And more quadcopters will come in the future that we can’t even imagine now. When DJI came out with the Phantom 2 Vision, every drone enthusiast was thrilled and perfectly satisfied with their new technology. But now the Phantom 3has come, holding more features and advancements than ever.


The Phantom 3 came out a little over a month ago with two different models: the Professional and the Advanced. They are only different from each other in camera and battery charger as well as (obviously) price. The camera for the Professional is 4k while the camera for the Advanced only shoots in 1080p at 60fps. This really separates the professional photographers from those who are only drone enthusiasts. The battery chargers are only different in that the Professional charges slightly faster. I’m not sure why this difference is even a thing but it is a factor to consider. Then, the price. The Professional costs $1,259 while the Advanced costs $999.


Already, there are many drone dealers who are selling the Phantom 3. For Phantom 3 dealers, you can go to the DJI site, and there will be a map showing each dealer’s location and a list showing some contact info. Since the Phantom 3 has only been out a short time, the prices are going to be about the same across the board. The only difference in price that you might see is with shipping. Some dealers charge much more than others depending on their policies and location, so this is important to pay attention to.


When searching for places that have the Phantom 3 for sale, also take a look at their return services, customer services, and repair services. You never know what troubles you’ll run into when buying the Phantom 3 and trying it out for the first time, so checking what your dealer offers beforehand will save you a lot of headache in the future when you need to return something or get an issue resolved.


Another thing to keep your eye on after buying the Phantom 3 is updates. As DJI finds various bugs that have slipped through the system, they will release updates that iron out the bugs and make every Phantom 3flight experience smooth and enjoyable. Already, a few updates have come out that will adjust different software. For more information about the Phantom 3, you can always look at DJI’s site.

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Don.  Gregg
Don. Gregg

October 02, 2015

I would like to try to fly Dji 3 before I buy do u have a flight simulator on my iPad
Mike Chamberlain
Mike Chamberlain

July 31, 2015

Watched the video hoping to get some idea about the noise level, unfortunately you cover up the noise level with someone playing a musical instrument.

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