Inspire Quadcopter for Sale


Inspire Quadcopter for Sale


If you’re planning on buying a DJI Inspire 1 quadcopter, you can find it for sale just about anywhere.


Some of the most trusted places are B&H, Best Buy, Amazon, and Drones Etc. You can even buy the Inspire through DJI itself. For drone dealer locations, you can look at DJI’s site and find the “dealers” page. This will give you a map of all the dealers in your area, and it will also give you a list of top dealers and their contact info.


Most places sell the Inspire for $2,899 but you can find it for less depending on where you look. Amazon sells used Inspires for about $2,699. If you want to save a few bucks this may look appealing but if you only have to pay $200 more to get a brand new Inspire that has a better chance of working perfectly, I would stay away from the used models. Not to mention you can actually get a warranty on it if it’s new. Also, most places online will ship the Inspire free but some tack on high shipping prices so be aware of how much shipping will be before you get it.


Deciding which dealer to buy from is an important decision. With different dealers come different policies and services and some offer way more than others. Some companies, such as Drones Etc. and DJI itself, offer repair services and, if you qualify, you may be able to get your drone repaired for free. Be aware of what each dealer offers before buying so that you know what will be covered if your Inspire doesn’t work the way it should or how long the return policy is.


When buying the Inspire quadcopter, you want to look for possible bundles for sale. With quadcopters like these it’s a good idea to get extra parts like batteries so that you can spend more time in the air before needing to recharge. With the Inspire, a second remote is almost mandatory since this will free you up to take full control of flying and camera movement. The most common bundle for the Inspire 1 gets you the Inspire 1 with two remotes rather than just one. You can buy this bundle through pretty much any dealer at about $3,399, making the price difference between getting the Inspire 1 with dual remotes and getting a second remote separate from the Inspire 1 about $150. And that’s with the second remote on sale. At normal price, you would actually be saving $199. With this bundle, you will be able to film without any troubles. Really, since you have to get the second remote anyway, you might as well save 150 bucks while doing it. A second bundle I’ve found is one that gets you the Inspire, one remote, and two batteries for $3,029, which saves you about $29.


No matter which dealer you get it from or which bundle you get, you won’t regret having the Inspire 1 quadcopter nearby to capture every amazing moment around you.

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  • Ashley Smith
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  • Marcus Idoko
    Marcus Idoko

    I found this piece informative and useful. I am working hard to acquire one for my business. The inspire 1 discussed with camera that works for RGB and IR. I need it for aerial survey and agricultural field monitoring.

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