3DR Solo Vs. Phantom 4

August 09, 2016

3DR Solo Vs. Phantom 4

It is a battle of two giants which will be as broad as it’s long. 3DR solo has been around for some time, earlier than Phantom 4. Different reviewers have rated both flying machines as the best two drones available in the market. 3DR is regarded as the drone for everybody by Digital Trends due to its significant features such as a two pair of 1GHz operating Linux, Preprogrammed flights path, High Definition Video streaming and full GoPro integration. As for DJI Phantom 4, this flying machine is touted by The Verge as the first drone for everyone. It is designed in the shape of the iconic Phantom series, sporting new intelligent flying modes, impressive camera upgrades, and quick release propellers. The two hyped UAVs will be considered based on their pricing, design and features, camera capabilities, battery strength/flight time, and speed to create a just comparison,

Pricing and Cost

DJI Phantom 4 has given many drone lovers a beautiful gadget breakthrough regarding pricing. According to Fstoppers, this easy-to-use and safe drone fit perfectly into an average consumer’s budget. On the other hand, the 3DR Solo when stripped down without a GoPro cost $1000, but with a GoPro, it is at least $100 higher than the Phantom 4. 

Design and Features

The 3DR Solo is one of the best built flying robots with it strong arms and the propellers made from a glass re-enforced nylons. Phantom 4 is a product of series of developments from the Phantom series, with a shell shining back at you from a sporty gloss finish. Nothing will be wobbling or shaking as you fly the Phantom due to it well thought design. 

Camera Capabilities

Just like the Phantom 3, the newest model is installed with a 4K resolution view that shot High definition video that can be streamed live to your mobile devices; it also has a 1080p resolution at 120fps. The 3DR Solo can carry the weight of any camera but is not factory fitted with one(except the GoPro Version). You will have to join the drone party with an arrangement for a camera.

Battery Strength and Flight Time

The battery and fly time for the Phantom 4 is within 22-28 minutes depending on the usage. Officially, the Solo is estimated to have a flight time of 25 minutes, but in actual sense that translates to like 15-18 minutes of real flying. It takes 1hr 35minutes to charge the 3DR Solo battery fully, while charging a Phantom 4 battery can be done is less than an hour. 

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