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The FAA recently released the results of their recently formed Unmanned Aircraft Systems Registration Task Force in a 'Task Force Recommendations Final Report'.

First, a little background for those who may not already be aware. With the rash of mainstream media news reports about projections of hundreds of thousands of drones hitting the streets after this years holiday season the federal government decided some form of regulation needed to happen, and it needed to happen sooner than later. 

In October they formed a Task Force made up of various federal government agencies as well individuals from a diverse group of aviation and non-aviation perspectives. Including representatives from the major consumer drone manufacturers like DJI and 3DR as well as others like Google, Amazon, BestBuy, GoPro, the sUAS coalition and the AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics), National Business Aviation Association, and others.

They met a few weeks ago with the goals of a registration process to cover: education of users on the safe operating rules for sUAS and the need to link the aircraft to the owner or operator in the event of an incident or accident.

The following recommendations were decided upon:

1) Fill out an electronic registration form through the web or through an application (app). (to include your name and contact info)

2) Immediately receive an electronic certificate of registration and a personal universal registration number for use on all sUAS owned by that person. (one number that you put on any drone you own)

3) Mark the registration number on all applicable sUAS prior to their operation in the NAS (National Air Space).

This registration system would apply to small unmanned aircraft weighing between 251 grams and 55 pounds. There would be no cost to register. In addition, owners wouldn't need to pass any kind of flight test or training but they would like to see some kind of education as a part of the registration process (i.e. acknowledge terms and conditions).

We feel like they Task Force did a pretty good job of juggling the need to allow this nascent industry to continue to innovate and grow with the equally important need to keep the general public safe. The current recommendations are relatively benign and easy to comply with. 

As always we encourage all our customers and anyone involved in the exciting world of drones to fly responsibly and to be safe!

For a link to the full PDF from the FAA outlining the Task Force's Final Recommendation, click HERE


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