Aerial Drones for Photography


Aerial Drones for Photography

Taking pictures from an aerial view has always been tedious for photographers. Earlier than now, aerial shots were taken from an airplane, helicopter, or a high-rise building. Aerial photography is not strange to those in the field of archeology since they use it to search for lost monuments. It is also employed by urban and town planners in monitoring existing and developing infrastructures. Earth scientists termed it photogeology as it deals with the search for mineral deposits and tracking of geological changes. Flying machines have eliminated the trial-and-error method of aerial photography. With a built-in camera or an installed one, you can see the aerial view of your dream island or favorite places. We’ve selected the best flying robot for aerial photography considering their height and camera quality. 

  1. DJI Phantom 3 Professional: Relying on the review of The Wirecutter, based on their extensive search and testing, coupled with the glowing features of this UAV, the Phantom 3 Professional is no match for any of its peers. Built with advanced features in an easy-to-use manner, this flying robot has proven over time that its value and reliability outweighs the price. Imagine the ease of walking through your location while this Phantom is shooting. You can do this with the Follow Me and Waypoint settings. It guarantees high picture quality with its 4K camera, which has a wide angle lens and low-distortion capability. 
  2. YUNEEC Q500 4K Typhoon: This is one of the best flying robots for aerial photographers. It is competing vigorously with Phantom 3 as a top-range photography drone, performing almost at the same level with Phantom 4. Using its 12 Megapixel camera which has a no distortion lens, this beast is designed to shoot crystal clear images. It also has a no-fly zone capability, thus allowing you to stay off FAA hammer. 
  3. 3DR Solo Quadcopter: Unlike the Phantom 3 and the Yuneec Q500, 3DR solo Quadcopter does not come installed with a camera. Epfilms.Tv rated this as their best aerial photography drone. But this flying beast can carry the weight of any camera attached to it. It made this list due to it stability and flying time. 
  4. Cheerson Hobby CX-20 Professional: If you are a beginner in aerial photography, this drone is built specially for you. It will aid you in honing your skills while keeping you within your budget. According to UAV Coach, CX-20 is the best within it price range, especially with 15-minute flight time and a sleek look with respectable features to match. 
  5. Blade Chroma with 4K Camera: A tale of saving the best for the last, an incredible flying machine perfect for aerial videography and photography. Possessing a 30-minute flight time which is averagely 11 minutes longer than any other in it price range, this gadget promises nothing but quality delivery. This is because it is installed with a 4k video and 12 megapixels built-in camera. This flying robot made BHPhotoVideo’s best drone for aerial photography. It is not just a drone; it is a must-have drone for every serious aerial photographer. 

If you intend to be taken serious as an aerial photographer, or if you are interested in churning out beautiful aerial pictures, the flying robots listed above are a necessity for you. With anyone of the flying cameras, aerial photography will not just be a job; it will be a passion for you. 

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