Aerial Drones for Real Estate

August 25, 2016

Aerial Drones for Real Estate

The real estate industry has felt the Midas touch of the “drone fever.” According to Best Drone for the Job, estate agents and managers claimed that drones are the best new technology shaping real estate marketing since the discovery of the Internet. The most potent marketing tool in the industry is drone camera photography and video tours for online property listings. With flying cameras, real estate photographers can now show potential buyers images from the interior and exterior of their dream homes. They can also highlight the sweeping shots of landscapes and mountain vistas, rights from the connecting roads to the driveway straight up to the front door.

Real Estate Drones and Legislation

Regarding cost, drone photography is inexpensive, compared with helicopters and airplanes, for real estate marketing. As reported by FastCompany, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is yet to streamline their rules to ease the use of a drone for commercial purposes, but many realtors under the National Association of Realtors are using it for their business in a “Don’t ask, don’t tell” manner.  Although the FAA is swinging back and forth concerning legislation and registration for real estate photography, many property realtors are pushing forward and making use of it for their booming business. 

Pros of Real Estate Photography

Using these flying machines for sales tour is a win-win situation for both the seller and the realtor. And the faster the realtor can sell off listed properties, the better for the seller. It avails the industry significant advantages. It  produces a mouthwatering image of the property exterior as well as the interior. If you intend to use a flying camera for your marketing, feel free to do so because such move will save you time and money. It also promotes the surrounding area and neighborhood as regards to grocery stores, schools, parks, shopping malls and medical facilities. If you intend to be in the future before it comes as a realtor, you can zoom in with your drone camera. 

Recommended Drones

Several flying robots, specifically designed for aerial photography, can be found in the gadget store near you. But we will do a concise review of the best flying cameras for your real estate business. As a new entrant into the drone market, the DJI Phantom 3 standard according to RC CRUNCH is one of the best drones for starters like you. It will not crash easily due to it 3-Axis stabilization gimbal. Phantom 3 standard is equipped with a WiFi which enables live streaming wherever you are with potential buyers. We will also recommend the DJI Phantom 3 Advanced. Here is why. It is one of the best flying objects with a camera. The iOS and Android applications allow flying remotely, so you can also record the video for future purposes.  

Etiquettes of Real Estate Drones

We understand the fear of many homes owners concerning drone usage. But as a responsible and law-abiding realtor, ask for permission from home owners before you launch your UAVs over their heads. You will save yourself from legal tussles by asking politely from experts. Also, do not fly over crowds of people and never let pets or kids chase the drone. By using a flying camera for your real estate business, you will boost your income tremendously as it is a potent form of marketing that will give you a high conversion rate. 

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