Autel Robotics: X Star Premium Vs. X Star Drone


Autel Robotics: X Star Premium Vs. X Star Drone

Autel Intelligent Technology Company Limited ventured into the expanding drone technology market with their subsidiary, Autel Robotics. The top diagnostic equipment company set up the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) in 2014 but launched their first product – the X Star – a year later. The company leveraged on the growing industry to produce UAVs that have intelligent but affordable features. The X Star Premium is an upgrade in the series and compares well with other unmanned systems. We will compare both products in the series below.


Autel quadcopters are designed specifically to handle film and photography applications. The X Star series has the best video quality 4K cameras. The built-in camera can capture high definition pictures with its 12-megapixel resolution. The X Star Premium has the same camera like the X Star. The series has live view quality of 720p with 240 frames per second or 1080p at 120 frames per second. The live view frequency is 5.8 GHz, and the formats can be either in MOV or in MP4. 

The difference between both models in the series is the live view range. The X Star Premium has twice of the transmission reach of the X Star. X Star has control and video transmission distance range of 0.62 miles, while the upgraded version can cover 1.2 miles. Also, the images are stored on a 64 GB micro SD card compared to the images of the X Star stored on a 16 GB card.    

Winner: X Star Premium

Flight time

Flight time is the time the unmanned flying machine remains midair with no additional weight. The series lasts up to ten minutes more than the average UAV. Both models have up to 25 minutes flight time and batteries charged within the hour. An intelligent lightweight 4900mAh LiPo battery powers X Star and X Star Premium. The battery power gives it an edge in the civilian drone market. Aside the flight time, the series has an average flight speed of 36mph, giving it another slight edge in the market. 

No Winner  


Intelligent features 

X Star Premium and X Star use the GPS and GLONASS navigation system, like other modern unmanned systems. Autel employed the Starpoint Positioning System, which measures the height of the device to ensure compliance with altitude restrictions and tracks the position. Even with weak GPS signals, the X Star models perform well. 

Other smart flight features like the Follow Me, Orbit, and Waypoints help with flight control of the drone. The devices are beginner-friendly as a geofence fence feature limits the range and speed of the unit. There is a Starlink app (available only on Android and iOS) that receives the video feed from the camera. 

X Star and X Star Premium do not have the collision avoidance capability but incorporate most intelligent features available in the market. 


X Star Premium comes with a splash-proof protective carrying case worth almost $100, unlike the X Star model. X Star Premium goes for $899 on Amazon, and the edge is the increased SD card size and transmission range. X Star Premium uses radio link for video compared to X Star that which uses Wi-Fi. X Star Premium wins but comes with an extra cost of $200.   

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  • Alex R
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  • Kevin Newton
    Kevin Newton

    I wish to buy Xstar Premium.
    I live in the Canary Islands.
    Close to Spain.
    Do you sell outside America of Canada?
    Unable to find a European Dealer,
    Can you Help.
    Many Thanks.

  • Lee

    It’s there not a parabolic range extender for the X star 3 to extend the range

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