Beginners Guide to Drones

May 24, 2017

Beginners Guide to Drones

Beginners guide to  dronesLet’s say you’ve heard a whole lot about drones over the past couple of years and have finally decided to own one. How would you go about acquiring a new drone? And which ones are the best in the market? How can they be maintained? These are just a few of the questions you need to answer. Interestingly, you will find solutions in this article. Since you are just getting started with drones, what follows immediately are some of the most important things you need to consider.


No matter how little your budget may be, never settle for drones made from low quality plastic and the likes. As expected, your drone could come crashing to the ground at some point in use. So, you had better chosen something made from carbon fiber or equally durable material.


As a beginner, you need a reasonable flight time for practice. If your drone’s batteries drain in just a few minutes, you will be forced to wait till it recharges. This may not seem to be a problem now, but it is difficult to wait if you are still oiling with fresh enthusiasm. Again, drones with longer battery life can be used for longer ranges and higher altitudes too.


It is true that nothing lasts forever.  This also applies to drones. But the point is: if you buy a drone that comes with a few extra parts, you will have replacement for some broken parts, and this will improve the life span of the drone. Again, it is better your manufacturer provides you with extra parts as they could sometimes be difficult to come by.


There are many quadcopters in the market today – both high quality ones and low quality ones. What differentiates one from the other is the range of features it has as well as the innovation it brings to the industry. Here are some basic features every good drone should have:

Headless Mode

This feature allows your drone to move in any direction in flight irrespective of where it is facing. It becomes even more relevant when your quad is high in the air and far from your sight. When this happens, simply turn on Headless Mode and any part of the device can serve as a head.

One Key Return

As a beginner, there are times when you would experience some difficulties with aerial maneuvers. To prevent further confusion, simply hit the One Key Return (also known as Return To Home) button. This brings your drone back to where it started. This feature which makes use of an internal GPS will bring your device back to where it started is an innovation common to most drones built from year 2015.

Auto Taking Off & Landing

As the day goes by, gadgets get smarter. At the push of a button, this feature – as you may have correctly guessed – allows your drone to take off, hover for a while in the air, then land safely on the ground. There is practically little or no need for a pilot.

Auto Flight

This is a higher functionality that’s available in more expensive. Here, you can program your drone to take off at a particular time, navigate through customized positions and distance; then return to its starting point.


Go for the most advanced drones if you have the money to buy them. Otherwise, stick to lower budget ones which have the standard features an good drone should have.


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