Best Drones for Beginners


Best Drones for Beginners

So, you discovered that you love drones and will want to catch the “flying fever.” It’s normal for you not to know where to start from or which drones to choose from. As a newbie to these flying bots, you must make your first baby steps. You need to take the first step which is to acknowledge that you love UAVs. Your second step will be to know which of these numerous gadgets to buy. And that is why you have to read this right now, making it your third step. In developing a list of the best drones for you as a newbie, the criteria employed in this post are as follows: flight time/battery life, speed, return to home, range, onboard camera, and controller type. 

  1. Parrot Airborne Night: This will be one of the best flying objects for you as a newbie. This flying robot has a battery life of 25 minutes from a single charge. It also moves at a speed of 11 Mph and can fly as high as 65ft from operating level. It is built with an onboard camera, which gives you an aerial view of your location. According to GeekWrapped, this drone is installed with a headlight, which makes it flyable not only in daylight but also at night. This toy is controllable using your smartphone or tablet using the free Parrot FreeFlight 3 RC app. Agility, smartness, and durability are the qualifiers of this parrot. This drone comes to life at night with its shining LED light that illuminates the night sky. 
  2. DJI Phantom 4: This is one of the DJI flagships built to make you love this mini aircraft. This flying beast will provide you, a learner, a free in-app fly simulator for natural learning. The flying time is between 22 and 28 minutes according to, and it is installed with a front facing obstacle avoidance that limits the number of crashes expected of a starter. You will control this bot from its mobile app. One of the sweet features of the Phantom 4 is the ability to stream High Definition video from the built in 4k video camera to your mobile device. 
  3. Hubsan X4: With flight speed of 10 Mph and an elevation height of 350ft from the ground level, the Hubsan X4 is perfect for drone beginners. The toy is capable of streaming live video to the included remote control. It also stays active for a flight time of 7 minutes and has a robust frame for protecting against crashes. Based on the review of Sciautonics, this flying beauty can even be flown out of sight. 

Estes Proto X: On the contrary, this flying robot is not the last due to its tiny size but based on the convenience of use and ability to master the flying in a short time. This minuscule flying machine is dubbed the world smallest quadcopter drone. It is built with a multi-functional intuitive controller, which receives live streaming images from its camera.

As a starter, you need to use one of these drones because they will help you know how to adapt to fly drones as well as to understand drone technology. Even though they might be a little pricey, they are among the best drones available in the market. They are fast, small, easy to learn, and long-lasting. If you want to learn, we will advise you to learn with the best drones. 

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