Best Drones for GoPro


Best Drones for GoPro

Can you imagine two amazing devices coming together to form a team? That’s super cool! Attaching a GoPro camera to a drone is what people call GoPro drones. They are powerful devices used for taking clear photos and video footage. They are designed for aerial photography and are stable when flying. Deciding on the right product to buy can be demanding because there are many devices in the market offering the same services. According to T3, movie producers need devices that can run smoothly in cinematography and photography. GoPro drones are fast, reliable, and efficient. In fact, they can do stunts. 

To help you make the right decision, we will be discussing about the best drones for GoPro based on reviews, support, accessories, quality and brand. We know various brands exist in the market claiming to do one stunt or the other and that’s why we will be considering what people think about these products.

  • DJI Phantom 2: DJI Phantom 2 is one of the best built drones by DJI. It comes with an amazing GPS flying mode and very stable when flying and has a design for GoPro. They are mostly recommended for tourists because they are excellent in capturing aerial photographs. 
  • 3DR SOLO: This robot is amazing but expensive. They offer features such as viewing videos in your GoPro through your smartphone device. These kinds of drones are mostly used by professionals; they are fully assembled and come with a controller. The 3DR SOLO is one of the best quadcopters for GoPro. 
  • 3DR IRIS +: These kinds of drones are highly packed with excellent features such as Google maps, follow me, and much more. The 3DR IRIS + can be moved but needs a case to fit in. They also come with good batteries.
  • Walkera QR X 350: When you need a budget friendly robot, Walkera QR X 350 is your best bet. They are fully assembled and have features such as GPS, and they are designed for GoPro.
  • Blade 350 QX3 RFF: They are clear example of simplicity and price affordability; they are compatible with variety of GoPro and they can carry small cameras. They have features such as GPS, “straight to home” feature; this makes a robot return to its starting point. 
  • Parrot AR Drone 2.0 Power/Elite Edition: This drone is an excellent choice for those who want to shoot video footage both indoor and outdoor. Your GoPro can easily be attached to this robot and they do an all-round flip.
  • Ghost Drone Aerial 2.0: This quadcopter doesn’t need a controller because it sends feeds directly to your smartphone. They can carry your GoPro without any hassle, and they are packed with features such as LEDs as well as having the ability to track movements. 

With these mentioned devices, we believe that you should be able to make the right decision when buying a GoPro drone. You can get product reviews of these products from Drone GoPro. Don’t forget that you have two choices to choose from when attaching your GoPro to a drone; you can either get a camera gimbals or use your mounts. With these, you can never go wrong.  

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