Best Drones Under $100


Best Drones Under $100

Making the best choice of gadgets at a minimal cost is the desire of every consumer. In this post, we will highlight the best drones that are under $100. Depending on your little budget, you will acquire the best flying machines. But if you have limited resources, we’ve selected the fastest, long-lasting, smartest, and most stylish UAVs below the $100 benchmark. 

  1. Blade Nano QX: With a market price of around $89, this is one of the best flying machines under the $100 mark. It may not perform like the Phantom 4, but it outshines its own price. As its name implies, the Nano QX is quite small. Business Insider describes it as being small enough to fit into a palm; the minuscule nature of this flying robot makes it flyable indoor and outdoor. Due to its well-built frame and propeller guards, Nano QX doesn’t fall apart easily if crashed into an obstacle. If it is ripped apart, fixing it is quite easy as it has cheap spare parts. If you seek a cheap flying robot, this UAV is durable, affordable, and very easy to fly. 
  2. Hubsan 4X: This flying machine will always find its way into the list of every drone enthusiast. Acquirable for a paltry $47, Hubsan 4X is featured as one of flying gadget for a beginner as compiled by National Geographic Voices due to its comparison to the Phantom series. If you are still a learner with flying robots, this inexpensive robot is a “must have”. With its LED light and stability, Hubsan 4X is a step in the right direction to be a drone collector.
  3. Syma X5C: For a token of around $44, this a good deal considering the built-in features of the X5C. It is not child’s play to be rated 4.1 on Amazon, neither should several positive reviews of the Syma X5C from Gizmodo and CNET be treated with kid’s gloves. Stability and balancing issues, associated with some drones, are absent. In addition, its propellers can provide the insurance cover in anticipation of a crash. This flying machine has replaceable parts sold on Syma website; they also make it fixable with the assembly breakdown provided on the site. 
  4. Latrax Alias: Latrax Alias is an excellent way to start the drone fever. It is sold at around $97, and you can learn how to fly a drone manually with the Latrax Alias without bothering about crashing. MyFirstDrone regards it as a useful and durable flying object, especially with its manual flying capability. It has a 7-inch body and large propeller commands structure authority with which you can attempt pirouette maneuvers and bank turns without fear of steadiness. Even though durable, if it crashes, it has replaceable parts. This flying robot is not one of those drones that become useless after few weeks of usage. 


We all love good and quality gadgets, but our pocket size has always been the number one determining factor. This list has solved the limitation on quality placed by your purchasing power, as it has suggested the best priced flying machines under the $100 mark. So, never let your budget deprive you of this inexpensive but sophisticated gadgets. 

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