DJI Phantom 4 – Auto Follow Technology


DJI Phantom 4 – Auto Follow Technology

Drone technology has a lot of applications that allow users to capture amazing pictures and videos in the most notable and absurd places. For movie makers, photographers, adventurers, or spot fans, the advanced technology adaptations in drones can help them to capture these memorable moments using the “Follow Me” feature. Not all drones have this attribute, but any serious manufacturer of quadcopters in the consumer drone market should incorporate it. 

The Auto Follow technology allows the drone to place its focus on a subject and record any movements. The technology made its way into the consumer drone market not too long ago, and it is still undergoing various revisions from different manufacturers. These modifications include the Ground Station Controller (GSC) with Follow Me GPS transmitter technology and Active Track, the revised version introduced by DJI.

The Follow Me Flight Mode can be compared with taking a selfie while moving. This feature can be used with any GPS-enabled device a GSC with a transmitter, with the drone following the transmitter to keep the target at the center of the picture. This method allows users to capture their favorite places while they are in the stationary or rotary mode. There is also the Follow Me recognition technology that DJI Phantom 4 employs. It involves the use of sensor and recognition technology. Dubbed Active Track, it involves the use of software algorithms to recognize and track the subject without the use of a separate GPS tracker, just like the transmitter method. 

The DJI Phantom 4 auto follow technology allows the user to choose the subject to be tracked using the Pilot App. The subject is chosen from the screen, and then the drone hovers around it in order to recognize it. The smarter auto follow technology makes the DJI Phantom 4 one of the best new personal drones in place even without the double advantage of the auto obstacle avoidance technology. The Follow Me capability allows the pilot to pre-set the distance, height, and angle of the drone. This permits more control of how the final view appears. Also, as the subject moves in a rotary fashion and the drone set to follow, the improved physical features of the Phantom 4 provide another wonderful experience for users. The magnetic skeleton ensures better footage due to better balance. The faster speed of the device encourages better capture moments.     

A very good number of drones don’t have the auto avoidance technology, so this limits their application to places with enough open spaces, especially if the terrain is unknown. This limitation compels pilots to either plan the route or visit the proposed spot before using the flying machine, but the Phantom 4 Auto Follow technology has that edge as it follows the subject without hitting any obstacle. Despite advancements in Follow Me technology, the intelligent flight modes are only used in locations where there are sufficient GPS signals.

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