DJI Phantom 4 — The Pros and Cons

July 29, 2016

DJI Phantom 4 — The Pros and Cons

Today, drone technology has made a remarkable difference across the globe. And guess which drone company is making it big – DJI. DJI has continued to lead its competitors in the drone market. For a decade now, the technology giant has been living up to their word — The Future of Possible — with the number of possibilities they offer to consumers. The “Phantom” is a flagship series from DJI, and the company is revered for its wide applications in photography, cinematography, and a host of other custom-specific functions. DJI has made several revisions to their quadrotor series. These innovations have made the Phantom 4 a definite killer of competition. 


Even before the release of the Phantom 4, there was a lot of anticipation for revisions of the Phantom series. The Phantom 4 is a decent upgrade from the Phantom 3 Professional. The biggest news with the Phantom 4 is the Obstacle Sensing System (OSS), but other features make it worth every dime of the current price, which is about $1300.


The OSS essentially means that the smart drone can sense obstacles and prevent itself from crashing into buildings. There are two cameras in front and another at the bottom with integrated optical sensors. This helps it to calculate the distance from any obstacle and take appropriate actions such as reducing its speed or coming to a halt. When tested, the artificial intelligence machine refused to crash into a human, stopping about 2 meters away. It can connect to GPS and GLONASS, allowing for more accurate positioning and performance.  


The diagonal wheelbase, height, and maximum altitude are the same as the previous models, but the Phantom 4 has a new gimbal that makes it sturdier and more versatile in complex maneuvers. The magnesium skeleton used makes it lighter and improves the balance in motion. 

The camera on the Phantom 4 allows videos to be shot in 30 frames per second, while the high resolution allows for up to 120 frames per second. The lens of this model is even better than previous ones. 


Then, there’s the Sport Mode. This enables users to fly the drone at a maximum speed of 45mph – at least 10mph more than the previous models. As for the Sport Mode, the device can move forward and backward faster apart from ascending and descending in seconds.   


  • EASE OF FLYING:There would always be one or two features that might not resonate with users, but the Phantom 4 is one unique machine, which even users would agree with DJI, that anyone could fly it. One button sends the drone up and another brings it right back. The control is still like the joystick, and without any difficulty, one button brings it back to its starting point.   


The Phantom 4is a big upgrade in the consumer market, but users might still have a few expectations from the company. 

  • SET-UP TIME:The propeller design for the Phantom 4 is different and it requires more tightening. The instructions on the user guide have a few missing guidelines, and it may take a little more time to set-up, especially for a novice just using DJI Phantom series. 


  • CRASHPROOF ISSUES:There are still a few issues with it being completely crash-proof even with all the intelligence, especially when it involves trees. It did excellent in avoiding collisions; however, with branches without much leaves, the drone didn’t recognize them very well, especially branches that were far from the tree trunk.  


  • BATTERIES:The battery lasts longer with 28-minute endurance and it can last for a distance of up to 5km. And yet, users still want more battery lifespan! In any case, their requirements are understandable since once the fun begins, it not just easy to stop flying that machine.  For users who want an extra battery, it would cost them up to $169. 


These are the pros and cons of the Phantom 4. The artificial intelligence features take the model a notch higher. There are still a lot of possibilities in the future, but the Phantom 4 is a solid advancement in the right path.

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