DJI Phantom 4 vs. DJI Inspire

September 06, 2016

DJI Phantom 4 vs. DJI Inspire

DJI is undoubtedly one of the biggest brands towering above others because of the regular improvements in its products. The company has two quadcopter series: the Phantom and the Inspire series. There’s the Phantom 1, Phantom 2 (Vision, Vision+ and Phantom FC40), Phantom 3 (Standard, 4K, Advanced, and Professional) and the latest, Phantom 4. In the latter, there’s the Inspire 1 RAW, Inspire 1 v2.0 and Inspire 1 Pro. 

DJI Inspire 1 series is an upgrade compared to the Phantom 3 series with more features and an entirely different design. The Inspire 1 v2.0 and Inspire Pro support multiple remotes but comes with one remote, leaving you to pay for the others. The biggest contrast is the camera spec. Inspire 1 v2.0 uses the Zenmuse X3, but the Pro version comes with the Zenmuse X5. The Inspire v2.0 and Inspire 1 Pro come with detachable 4K video cameras, but the X5 has adjustable aperture and more frame-rate, offering more flexibility. Also, the X3 uses F/2.8 iris, 20mm lens that can yield a 2160p resolution, while the X5 ranges between F/1.7-F/16, 30m lens with UHD resolution. The Inspire Pro wins the camera battle. 

The optical sensor for the Pro version is micro 4/3, while that of the v2.0 is 1/2.3. The camera of the Inspire v2.0 and gimbal cover for the needs of any hobbyist, but the Pro version is for professionals who want the high-resolution cameras for fast moving activities. The range is dynamic, aperture wider – for low light, and it provides great footage. The difference between the Inspire 1 Pro and Inspire 1 RAW is just the camera. The Inspire 1 RAW uses the Zenmuse X5R with better quality and bit rate. In price, the difference is very clear. The v2.0 is priced less than US$2,000, the Inspire 1 Pro over US$3,300, while the Inspire 1 RAW is well over US$5,000. 

The Phantom 4 is the smartest and latest drone in the Phantom series. We compare it with the Inspire 1 Pro below. 

Camera: The Inspire 1 Pro wins this without a doubt. The Phantom 4 allows ISO of 1600, while the X5 of the Pro allows for up to 25,600 – see the difference? The lens of the Inspire Pro is detachable, allowing for flexibility, unlike the Phantom 4. 

Retail Cost: The Phantom 4 has the latest features in the drone technology world, yet the price is just US$1,399, making it almost US$2,000 less than the Inspire 1 Pro. To get an extra battery, the Inspire model would cost US$199, while the Phantom would go for US$169. 

Specification: The Phantom 4 houses the latest technologies from DJI, which include added artificial intelligence features such as Obstacle Sensing System (OSS) and better subject tracking. The lack of this feature makes going for the Inspire 1 Pro model a step backward, especially in an era where individuals or companies want drones that can deliver parcels and live longer – by avoiding collisions. 

The Inspire series is bigger and heavier than the Phantom. The size is important as accessories such as petri dishes, parachutes et al., can be attached. 

The aircraft and camera of the Pro can be controlled separately using dual controllers, but the Phantom doesn’t have this feature.

Battery: The Phantom 4 wins this hands down as it can stay over 25 minutes, while the Inspire 1 Pro can’t go beyond 15 minutes. Users want more battery life from DJI, but the Phantom 4 satisfies the users best, for now.

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