DJI Phantom Financing


DJI Phantom Financing

Another DJI Phantom drone is finally out. The reviews you’ve read online are great. The DJI Phantom is simply one you must purchase. But if you cannot afford it, how else can you own it without waiting for months to save up? Well, you can explore the DJI Phantom financing option.

DJI Phantom financing is a method that enables you own a drone while paying off the loan sum gradually. What you need to do is to approach a drone company that can help you with your DJI Phantom financing. The company pays the cost of the drone on your behalf. But you have to pay the company back in instalments. The company will have payments plan for you to choose from. The payment plan entails you paying a certain amount every month. Ensure the amount is one you can afford.

Hence, DJI Phantom financing is having a company pay off the amount of the drone for you. Then you pay the company back. You’ll also have to pay interest on the loan sum. The interest could be 10% of the loan sum. DJI Phantom financing is a great way of owning a drone if you cannot afford the amount. Not a lot of companies can help with DJI Phantom financing. However, here are some great ones that will help:

Space City Drones

Apart from being a specialist in drone repairs, Space City Drones has offered drone financing and drone payment for people and business for years.. Space City Drones allows you to apply online for financing in less than thirty seconds. There are many payment options you can opt for. There’s a three-month payment option, six-month payment option, and a yearly payment option. Also, you don’t have to wait for a long time for the financing documents. All you have to do is you sign up and wait for confirmation of your details. Afterwards, the DJI Phantom financing documents will be shipped to you. So, in less than two weeks that drone of your dreams will be with you.


DroneNerds allows you to finance your drone payments for as little as $132 for a drone that costs $1,500. If that’s one of their deals, we surely wonder how many more they have because this one is great! Great rates are not all DroneNerds has to offer. They will also deliver your product for free as long as your order is above $500. DroneNerds are also specialists in DJI Phantom repairs. So if your DJI Phantom develops a fault, you know where to go.

Drones Etc

If you’re looking for the lowest financing options for your DJI Phantom, Drones Etc is the best company to go to. Drones Etc offer as little as $80 per month based on the type of drone you buy. The amount depends on whether your DJI Phantom is a single remote bundle or a dual remote bundle. But whichever it is, Drone Etc offers very low prices you should consider.

In a Nut Shell

The best way to own a drone if you cannot afford it is to explore financing options. There are many different companies with lots of plans you can choose from. The most important thing you should focus on is your ability to meet up with payments. Only accept financing rates you are comfortable with. Sign the financing application. And start enjoying your drone while paying the loan sum.

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  • David

    I bought my drone from Drones Etc and was able to because of financing – this company is doing some cool stuff too –

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