Many drone manufacturing companies, both old and upcoming, are contending to be the number one drone maker in the technology business. Every year, different drones from different brands are built to surpass previously manufactured ones. Recently, upcoming drone manufacturing companies are being compared to old players in the business. And spotlights are now on the new companies due to the amazing drones that they have built so far. 

Talking about comparing brands, we have decided to compare two brands in the technology business; one is an oldie and the other is a newbie. We bet you think the newbie doesn’t stand a chance, but let’s get to know the brands first. Wait a minute, do you know the brands that we are we comparing? If not, let’s tell you – they are DJI and Yuneec. Our comparison will be based on their features and market value. So, let’s get started.

  • Market Price: Considering the drones these brands have in the market. Their prices are relatively the same. Their prices range from $1000 to $3000 even though the prices of DJI drones are higher than those of Yuneec drones. 
  • Flight Time: These brands have drones that run approximately the same time. DJI have drones that run for 15-25 minutes, while Yuneec drones run for 20-25 minutes. For a new brand, we think Yuneec is stepping up to DJI on this one. 
  • Model Size, Dimension and Weight: DJI drones come in various sizes ranging from small and medium sizes to large sizes. On the other hand, Yuneec drones are mostly medium-sized drones. In any case, product variety is an advantage DJI has over Yuneec. 
  • Flight Automation: The kinds of features in drones are determined by the manufacturer. DJI drones have the latest features but come with a high price, whereas Yuneec have relatively similar features to DJI but not all. DJI have one of the coolest drones with multiple flight modes, but some people would ditch it for Yuneec due to its price affordability. Yuneec offer awesome drones for a reasonable price, too.
  • Accessories: Agreed, both brands have smart features such as follow me, return to home, watch me features, GPS, camera frame and focus, multiple control mode. Yuneec drones are packed with accessories such as batteries, controller, propellers and other accessories, while DJI drones are not fully packed with accessories. Yuneec latest drone comes with two batteries but DJI doesn’t have such advantage. 
  • Design: Yuneec drones have a rugged look or mean-looking designs, while DJI drones have sleek and awesome designs. 
  • Mode of Operation: Yuneec drones are easy to operate compared to DJI drones. Yuneec would be the best option for a beginner. DJI drones require a separate phone for set-up and connectivity while Yuneec drones do not require that. 

DJI has been the king of drone manufacturing companies in recent years, but Yuneec has given them a run for their money. Yuneec have proven consistently that they are a formidable competitor that can outshine DJI. Yuneec drones have smart mode that makes flying easier for beginners. For beginners, Yuneec would be the right choice because they are less cheap and won’t hurt your pocket and they are sturdier. Yuneec drones are not better than DJI drones but they are affordable for people with low budgets. Lovers of DJI drones can give Yunnec a try because they offer an awesome experience for users. 

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    I need help buying a drone
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