Drone Helicopter

September 13, 2016

Drone Helicopter

Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles, also known as quadcopters or drones, are high-tech devices used for carrying out various activities. They are referred to as UAV (Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles) because they are controlled remotely with the use of software or sophisticated computer programs. They were initially created to aid the military in finding solutions to problems and served as an “electronic” spy used for gleaning classified information. As the world evolved, new technologies emerged and gave birth to what we now call drones. Today, drones are used not only in the military but also in other spheres of life. Individuals and organizations now use drones to carry out tasks like lifting light goods, shooting aerial view footage, and even for recreational purposes. According to UAVCoach, drones have gained widespread popularity in various sectors such as the media, journalism, agriculture, and the military. 

Drone helicopters are like mini helicopters with a camera strapped to it. Unlike helicopters that have single propeller, drones come with multiple propellers and camera device to enable them make navigational and aerobic moves. According to Drones Etc, some major differences between drone helicopters and helicopters are as follows: Unlike helicopters that can transport heavy goods, drones can transport light items. Another contrast is that helicopters involve manual operation and they are manned by a pilot, whereas drones are unmanned aircrafts. Even though drones are not created to have pilot seat, they are controlled with a controller. Drones have extraordinary features that make them unique and they are stable on air. These flying machines tend to be stable when in air due to their high-tech features. Due to their size, drones have the advantage of occupying and passing through small areas. They are user-friendly and are quite easy to run. While they need some form of specialty to safely navigate themselves or make stunts, they are mostly used for tourism.

Drone helicopters come in various sizes and forms for various uses depending on your preference and what you want them for. The military, for instance, would not go for just any drones but drones that can carry out their task effectively. There are drones for recreational purposes like taking photoshoots. There are very small flying robots with size of an ant and there are medium and large size drones that cannot be carried by a single person. Drones can also be classified by their flying range. For instance, “very close range” drones are toys that have about 5km range with about 30 minutes flying time. As for the “close range” drones, they have a 50km range with about 4 hours flying time. The “short range” drones have 150km, and they are usually used for spying. The “mid-range and endurance” drones have high-speed capabilities and are highly specialized in collecting meteorological data. They are capable of staying about 30,000ft high above sea level. These kinds of drones are the perfect devices for surveillance purposes. 

No matter the size, speed or range capacity of drones you choose to buy, drones are unmanned vehicles that have exceptional functions and features. These unmanned aircrafts have the capacity to fly and respond to your commands through their controller, and they are always ready to dance to your tune. So, what are you waiting for – get one for yourself today!

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