Drones and Social Media


Drones and Social Media

When you hear of drones, you think of the military, warfare and surveillance. When you hear of drones and social media, you begin to wonder “what has drones got to do with the social media? Yes, they’ve got things in common. In fact, quadcopters and the social media are great pals. UAVs allow you take aerial view photographs and shoot films. These films and photographs are shared on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook. Just close your eyes and imagine people filming themselves while performing skating stunts and then uploading it on their social media page for the world to see. Now open your eyes and read this article because what you’ve just imagined its now possible.

  • Get live news: The first thing people use in events is their phones. They want to take pictures, record videos and share them on their social media page. But unfortunately, phones can’t capture all the views that they would like to see. Today, drones can capture photographs as they fly and send them directly to your smartphone. You can watch live outdoor concerts, campaigns, outdoor weddings through your phone. Users now have access to live stream and can watch events as they unfold. 
  • Marketing tools: Organizations have continued to use social platforms to advertise their products and services in recent times. People know that through social media, they can get trending celebrity gossips, political events, fashion shows and the like. Quadcopters can capture aerial photographs and videos with drones, while platforms such as Facebook and Snapchat can broadcasts the news with these flying machines. Product adverts or commercials can be filmed with drones and advertised their products on social media.  

Marketing initiatives have taken a whole new turn as people and organizations are delving into drone application because of its many features. Today, event planners use social networks to share events covered by drones. These robots just make photography and video filming enjoyable. 

  • Makes tourism appealing: Before going on vacation, you want to browse the internet for pictures and videos of your vacation interest. Most of these pictures you find are aerial view photographs. You can’t wake up one morning and decide to travel to Japan for vacation simply because you need to view pictures or videos of Japan, its hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions. According to Airnest, Twitter applied for a patent right to allow them to connect drones to their social platform. We think it’s a welcome improvement because it allows you broadcast news from an external view. Travel and tourism industry showed how quadcopters had improved their marketing initiatives and therefore increased sales.
  • Grow small business: Social platforms are common places where you share everything. Businesses are beginning to get the social network vibe. Real estate firms, for example, use drones to take pictures of properties for sale and then post them on their LinkedIn page or Snapchat.

The role that UAV play in the social media is huge and multifarious. Drones provide the pictures and videos, while the social media shows them to the world. We believe that this partnership will create room for more amazing possibilities for our curious minds.


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