Drones Being Used for Search and Rescue


Drones Being Used for Search and Rescue

We know that everyone likes drones because they just make difficult tasks look very simple to us. By controlling them either remotely or automatically with the use of sophisticated computer programs, these unmanned aircrafts can carry out actions effortlessly well. And they are here to stay for good. Drones have the capacity to carry out various tasks from taking photoshoots to covering events, spying, collecting data, detecting objects, lifting objects, and much more. Do you know that drones can conduct a search and rescue operation? Yes, they can! They can search for missing people and rescues them. People in distress or disastrous locations are rescued with the use of drones.

These flying robots have limitless advantages when it comes to saving lives. They can search for people who are displaced maybe due to flood, earthquakes, hurricane and other natural disasters. Through their inbuilt cameras and sensors, they can detect people, monitor weather, or perform reconnaissance. Drones are used for finding people lost in the woods or mountains. Life jackets can be delivered to people stranded in rocks or sea. Drones are also used in accident scenes to find victims. During emergencies, drones are the fastest and effective device used for rescue missions. 

According to a full-scale test exercise carried out by AltiGator in order to test the effectiveness of their drones in carrying out rescue missions, the result showed that drones can work for 24 hours and were in top speed in searching and rescuing people after an earthquake. Drones are sent to affected areas to get feeds; through these feeds, ground search and rescue teams can take decisions based on the feedbacks provided by drones. Drones are capable of taking map photos and video coverage at interval. They are easy to run and don’t make noise or interrupt search and rescue operations. These flying machines are cheaper, safer and effective when it comes to performing search and rescue operations. 

S.W.A.R.M is a worldwide search and rescue volunteer network that outlines many benefits of drones in search and rescue operations. Finding and rescuing lost persons is demanding and costly, but with the introduction drones, thorough area search is carried out and an extreme area survey is done. Drones have the capacity to look down and scan areas with the use of high-resolution video camera. Do you know that drones can search wide areas in one minute but would take hours for ground search and rescue teams to cover that exact area? Videos or feeds taken by drones give analysts more insight into a confounding situation. 

Drones are also used for carrying items such as food, water, clothing, medical supplies, and communication device to stranded people. S.W.A.R.M acknowledges the usefulness of drones and they have been able to improve different areas most especially the search and rescue team. Application of drones have greatly improved the techniques and ways used in finding victims. Failure of search and rescue missions has been greatly reduced to a minimum level since the discovery of drones. All in all, drones can help the world in many diverse ways.

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