Drones used for protecting wildlife

September 26, 2016

Drones used for protecting wildlife

UAV is set to revolutionize ecology. It has become a tool for preserving not only animals’ existence, but it is also used for protecting the life of their conservationists and scientists. Light aircraft crash is a top killer of most wildlife biologists. According to a study, in the last few decades, 91 wildlife keepers have lost their lives in a light aircraft. But with drones, the loss of human life can be completely eliminated to nil. Unmanned aerial vehicles are not just safer for wildlife personnel; they are also cheaper with high precision and an efficient way of monitoring this untamed creatures. Dronesare valuable resource for wildlife protection, but researchers should be cognizance of the reaction of the animals they are trying to help with these gadgets. The following are drones that you can use for protecting animals in the wild.

  1. 3DR Y6:The Y6 has been put to use in South East Asia for conservation purposes, and it is a perfect tool for protecting endangered animals. It was able to map a 1-Hectare forest in a single trip of 1.5Km. It has auto-pilot features with GPS navigation that deliver high performance and needs little human effort. The frame provides stability in windy conditions and ooze 55mph in speed. Even though it is somewhat inexpensive, it delivers an average flight time of 15 minutes. 
  2. Airborne Sentinel:Even though it comes with a price tag of $90,000 apiece, you will be glad that you have it. Here is why. It is a UAV perfect for wildlife management. It is unique for measuring forest canopies, mapping the underground beneath the woods canopies. In real time, it is capable of providing a 360-degree high definition pictures. It has a working flight time of 74 minutes, and it is easy to maneuver and control for any wildlife purposes. 
  3. A2 Delivery Drone:Endurance and power are the quality of this drone. Built for maximum endurance and lift, this flying machine is equipped with a pair of 22,000mah battery that delivers 40-minute of risk-free flying. A2 delivery drone can carry up to 8kg items making it the perfect delivery way ahead of it a competition. The A2 is an integrated, fully functional and multi-rotor UAV that will meet all your delivery and transportation needs. 
  4. Falcon X8:Combining latest technology with the engineering of the highest quality, this drone has a 10,000mah battery that translates to a flight time of 50 minutes. It is a FPV that is a real workhorse suitable for wildlife inspection. The anti-vibration systems reduce camera gello, thus providing perfect picture result. With live goggles, you are assured of top-notch live viewing flying experience. 
  5. Vanguard 2:Boasting of an outstanding flight time of 94-Minute, this flying machine also possess a strong Bluetooth connection for radiometric calibration for smartphones. It is equipped with dual camera actuation for enhanced thermal and still mapping. The 4K Camera can record up to 60 frames every second. Its slow moving propeller is backed by a high motor even though it still generates little noise. This beast is sold for $34,000. 


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