Firefighting Drones

September 26, 2016

Firefighting Drones

Across the globe, the demand for firefighting drones is on the increase. According to DRONELIFE, many public safety departments in the US, including Washington, are setting aside a budget for UAV drones purchase. This is because firefighting drones are very effective in combating fire outbreak. With real-time data sent to firefighters by drones, experts can detect the severity of a blaze. It also helps firefighting agencies to know how many crews can be deployed in order to halt the destruction of lives and properties. As such, saving lives has become fast and easy. Below are the drones with features that can aid firefighting activities: 


This is an unmanned aerial system drone equipped with endurance and quick deployment abilities. With its huge payload options and ground control software, this drone is very effective for firefighting. Indago is rugged, fit for all weather, and easy to assemble. Weighing Less than 5lbs, this flying machine can be unfolded in 60 seconds and airborne within 2.5 minutes. It has a super sharp camera that can defy smoke, flame, wind or dust helps to collect high-quality images and real-time data to detect people and property trapped during a fire incident. Also, with a flight time of 50 minutes, 200 grams of payload capacity, the line-of-sight range of 2.5 kilometers and an operating altitude of 10-500 ft., the Indago drone can meet your firefighting needs. 

Splash Drone

Splash Drone is also one of the firefighting drones with high-end features. With its waterproof camera gimbal and GoPro video transmitter, it can transmit live video feed directly into the video transmitter. Also, the flying machine has the ability to transmit undistorted video signal for up to 1 mile while flying at an altitude of 300 ft. Equipped with a 7-inch video monitor and 4.8 GHz video receiver, Splash drone is an efficient quadcopter for fire emergency. Besides, it comes with reliable LED lights with low battery warning, self-tighten carbon fiber propellers, and 8-channel remote controller, which can be used to capture actual happening of a fire incident. 

L3 Communication Viking's 400s

As an unmanned aerial system, L3 Communication Viking’s 400s is designed with features that make it an efficient tool in the hands of emergency responders. Equipped with autonomous takeoff and landing technology, this flying robot can detect a fire outbreak from afar on its own. The drone comes with a payload of 100 pounds and can operate for up to 12 hours capturing images of affected areas. These images are then sent automatically to emergency responders' command center where they are analyzed. Firefighters can also use this drone to know the severity of the incident as well as the number of crew and resources to deploy. 

DJI Phantom 3 Professional 

If you're looking for a drone with perfect features for firefighting, try the DJI 3 Professional. With such powerful features as a vision positioning system, automatic flight logs, and an amazing propulsion, the flying machine processes real-time information, automatically remembers every single detail of incident recorded and is fast, agile, and responsive. The flying machine also comes with an unmatched camera with a point of interest function that allows you to direct the drone to focus on a specific location and records real-time footage of happenings there. 


In the past, firefighting was a hazardous engagement that usually endangered both the rescuer and the victims because of inadequate logistics. All thanks to drone technology, it is now possible for emergency responders to respond to fire accidents while saving time and money often spent on investigations. In sum, firefighting drones have revolutionized the public safety profession.




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