September 29, 2016



Buying a drone as a professional photographer, businessperson, or hobbyist is one of the most interesting ideas around at the moment. Drones, formally known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, have many important uses, including but not limited to Hurricane Hunting, Aerial Video Photography, 3-D landscape mapping, Journalism, Farming, and Search and Rescue. In recent times, there has been astronomical growth in the commercial drones industry, according to a forecast by Consumer Electronics Show (CES), that is expected to witness more than 2.8 million sales in the U.S. So, your decision to join millions of people in flying this technological masterpiece is understandably an interesting prospect.


Considering its numerous importance, buying a drone is very easy, but the difficulty lies in deciding which drone to buy of the numerous drones available for sale in the market. Buying a good drone for a cheap price is the vantage point for many prospective buyers, but there is more to it that meets the eyes. Actually, a stable drone in terms of video quality and stabilization, no matter how low your budget is, will cost you nothing less than $500. Some of the essential factors that you should consider before buying a drone are as follows:

  • The size of the drone (5-10m for moderate usage) 
  • It’s weight (an average of 3lb) 
  • The number of its rotors 
  • Whether the camera is integrated with Gimbal or not (A Gimbal is a pivoted support that stabilizes the camera while allowing it to rotate in several directions),
  • Its video resolution (720p, 180p, 4k, 2.7k) 
  • The megapixels embedded in the camera (12mp is advisable for capturing raw and still jpg)
  • The operating range of its live video feed (strictly 720p)
  • Its accessible media format (microSD, microSDHC, and microSDXC)
  • Its automated flight features such as follow, waypoint, orbit, return-to-Home, etc.
  • Its battery life 


  DJI products are easily the best bet when it comes to getting reliable drones. They are rather inexpensive given the technology embedded in their products, and they are the pioneers in the nascent market for commercial unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). Some of the company's top products to consider are the Inspire 1 with a starting price of $2,900, the DJI Phantom 4at $1,399, the Phantom 3 professional at $1,000, the DJI Phantom 3 advance at $899, and the DJI Phantom 3 Standard at $500. These drones and many more drones can be bought online at dji.com and dronesetc.com.


  After deciding which drone to buy, it is equally advisable to check the guidelines of the regulatory body in charge of flying small unmanned aerial vehicles in your locality. For example, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)formulates rules for flying drones within the U.S. Violating these rules attract heavy fines between $400 and $5,500, depending on the gravity of violations, and one outliner at $1.1 million for commercial drones. The guidelines are made to regulate the activities of hobbyists who fly drones carelessly and recklessly. So, remember to check the rules guiding the flying of unmanned aerial vehicles in your country before embarking on your flying adventure in order to enjoy your drone to the fullest.

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