The DJI Inspire 1 stands as the best professional drone around for professional videography. The drone comes in two variants: the entry-level Inspire 1 v2.0 and the advanced Inspire 1 pro. Both versions have similar features with few disparities. Some of the basic features similar to both variants are as follows:

  • Both are made out of carbon fiber frame for lightness
  • Adjustable carbon fiber legs 
  • 360° camera 
  • Gimbal technology 
  • Visual Position System (VPS) for indoor flight and maneuver 
  • Dual GPS (Global Positioning System) and GLONASS (Global Navigation Satellite System) 
  • Incompatibility with external cameras
  • Multiple remotes: one for the pilot and the other for the videographer 
  • Both can reach a maximum height of 4.5km
  • Both features a 22v Li-Po 6S battery

Expectedly, both variants differ in some aspects. Some of the aspects where the two versions differ are explained below:

  1. Camera: The Inspire v2.0 comes with a Zenmuse X3 camera which can spot a 12mp, while the Pro variant comes equipped with a 16mp Zenmuse X5 camera. The Zenmuse X3 in the v2.0 features a f/2.8 iris, a 20mm lens, and up to 4k resolution. While the Zenmuse X5 in the Pro uses an adjustable iris of f/1.7 – f/1.6, a 30mm lens and the same 4k resolution. The Zenmuse X5 camera on the Pro version uses a micro -4/3 sensor, while the X3 on the v2.0 uses a 1/2.3 sensor. The Inspire Pro produces a more optimal footage than the Inspire v2.0. This is because the Zenmuse X5 possesses a retractable aperture and an added frame-rate option which makes videography more flexible in shooting. However, the v2.0’s Zenmuse X5 camera is upgradable to the Zenmuse X5.
  2. Maximum flight time: The v2.0 can fly for a maximum of 18 minutes, while the Pro variant can fly for a lower maximum of 15 minutes.
  3. Speed: The v2.0 is faster at a speed of 49mph compared to the Inspire Pro's 40mph maximum speed. 
  4. Payload capacity: The Inspire v2.0 can carry an extra payload up to 1.7kg, whereas the Pro variant's payload capability is lower at 0.63g. 
  5. Weight: With battery included, the entry-level Inspire variant weigh 2935 g which is heavier than the Inspire Pro's 2870g.
  6. Price: At a price of $1,999 - $3,299, the v2.0 is cheaper than the Pro variant which is sold at a $3,999 - $4,699.

For a videographer looking for something to use for his videography, the Inspire 1 variants easily are the best professional drones around. Both the v2.0 and Pro version offer flawless performance. The Inspire 1 v2.0 gives more than enough for commercial applications and produces video quality sufficient for a videographer's needs. On the other hand, the Pro variant offers perfect video quality for every videography situation, especially when capturing fast-moving objects at low-lightings, an advantage that the entry-level version does not have. The Inspire 1 drones are strictly for the professionals. They can only do better where higher altitudes come to play. 

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