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Drones at Best Buy 1

Drones at Best Buy


Best Buy sells just about every electronic you could ever want. So of course they sell drones too. Best Buy is trusted and has great customer service so if you’re looking for a new drone, this could be the place to go.


One of the great things about buying a drone from Best Buy is that you can actually go to the store and talk to a professional in person. Some select drones are even available at different Best Buy sites so you could pick one up in person rather than waiting for it to come in the mail. Most other drone dealers don’t have this option so you would have to do everything online or over the phone.


On their website, Best Buy shows you a few other places that are selling the same drone and what their prices and services are. With this feature, you can see if somewhere else is selling it at a different price than Best Buy. You can also see if a different company’s return policy suits you better, and there is even a link that will show you if that company has any special deals or offers. With this you don’t feel like Best Buy is trying to trick you into anything. They are totally open about what they offer and what other companies offer.


In addition to all of this, Best Buy also has a price match guarantee. With their price match guarantee, you can make sure you’re getting the best price out there for your drone.


There is also a question box on the site with a link that you can click to take you to a question and answer page. Here you can see other questions about electronics that customers have had, and you can ask your own questions. Best Buy will answer your question and other customers can also answer or add their opinions so you will have a range of information. Just don’t depend too much on the accuracy of answers given by the general community since you never know what kind of experience they have.


Another great feature on the Best Buy site is the specialized search column on the left side of the page. You can narrow down your search depending on different aspects you’re looking for in a drone. You can narrow your search by brand, price, reviews, recommended age use, color, condition, and many other things so that you can find exactly what you’re looking for. Pretty handy! Especially since you have a lot of products to look through—it can be hard to compare over a hundred different options.


Best Buy typically has a lot of great deals going on, too. Under the price online you will see just how much you’re saving. And there’s even a deal tab at the top of the Best Buy site that will show you deals of the week, deals of the day, and even deals for college students.


Best Buy is a great place to search for and buy drones. If you’re already in the process of figuring out which drone is best for you, go ahead and take a look at what Best Buy offers.

Buy Drones Online at Amazon 0

Buy Drones Online at Amazon


I know a lot of people who are big Amazon shoppers. And why not? Amazon has pretty much everything you need. In fact, Amazon even has a drone store. Seriously, a whole store on Amazon devoted to all of your drone shopping needs.


It’s not that easy to find when you’re already on Amazon, but if you go into another search engine and type in “Amazon drone store,” then one of the top results will take you there. And there isn’t just shopping available there. You can also view all the rules about flying responsibly, and there’s even a learning center with buying guides and a video library. Cool, huh? I wish I’d found this sooner.


In the drone store you have three different categories you can click on to narrow down your search: recreational, photography, and accessories. Now the first category, “recreational,” will show you a whole catalog of drones. Most of these will be drones without cameras since they are, as the title says, just for recreation—for having fun! You have everything from a Walkera QRX350 Pro costing over $800 to an Udirc Nano 3D costing about $28. And, if you take a look, these drones can do all sorts of cool tricks.


In the “photography” category, you will find 16 different camera drones, and each one has the camera included with it. All of these are logically much more expensive than the drones used solely for recreation. But if you need a drone to help you in your photography and videography needs, then this is a good place to look.


In the “accessories” category, you will obviously find an assortment of all types of accessories for your drone. There are replacement pieces and add-ons that will make your flight experience better.


The drone store on Amazon does not have every drone in its catalog, unfortunately. If you have a specific drone in mind, you can probably still find it on Amazon though—just type the name in the search bar and your drone will most likely be available.


One of the cool things about buying from Amazon is that you have the option of buying your drone and parts new or used. By buying a used drone, you are going to pay much less money. But be careful! There is always the chance that your drone will be partly damaged or less than operational. You really don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars for a broken drone or one that is going to break on you shortly after you get it.


Also, with Amazon, you can return most things for a full refund up to thirty days after getting the receipt. And if you’re sending it back because of a mistake that Amazon made, they will even pay for shipping. Of course, some dealers who sell on Amazon will have different return policies so you should be aware of who you’re actually buying it from and what you can expect from them.


Many dealers only sell one brand of drones or only a few different types. Buying drones on Amazon is easy when you have everything drones in one place!

Buying Drones Online 0

Buying Drones Online


With the world becoming more and more dependent on the internet and cell phones, different companies are selling more and more online. Some companies are even exclusively online. It’s really amazing what you can buy with just a few clicks and drones are no exception. Between ordering a pair of sneakers and a new kitchen table, you can also get a high-tech drone sent straight to your doorstep.


It’s so easy to just order a drone and start any film or photography project the next weekend. The only hard part about buying drones online is figuring out which one you want and where to get it.


There are so many drones out there. Some of them super sophisticated, others not so much. Whether you get a high-tech drone that costs several thousand dollars or you get a drone that will buzz around your backyard for under $100 depends on what is the best fit for you and your needs.


If you are thinking about looking through drones to buy online but have no idea where to start, ask yourself a few questions. Who is going to be flying the drone? What do you want to use it for? How big is your budget for buying it? What is the most important factor for you in a drone—flight time, durability, cost, camera quality, or something else? Answering these questions can get you started in the right direction and will ultimately get you the drone that you will enjoy for a long time.


In answering your questions, if you find want a drone that your kids can play with, you’re going to want something cheap, durable, and safe. Like maybe the Parrot Rolling Spider. Just make sure there is always adult supervision, because even pretty safe drones can be dangerous if you aren’t careful. But if you want something more sophisticated that will take amazing photo shoots and satisfy your drone hobby, you want a drone that will be a bit pricier but that will also be top quality. Like maybe one of the DJI Phantoms.


Once you’ve figured out what drone you want, then you have to figure out the best place to buy it from. As far as prices go, you don’t have to worry too much about buying from the cheapest place. Drone prices aren’t like cereal prices—they’re going to be almost exactly the same no matter where you try to buy from. Even so, do look around and see if one dealer is offering your drone for a cheaper price than somewhere else, and some dealers might have some sweet deals going on that you wouldn’t want to miss out on.


Beyond price, you also want to look out for the dealer that has good policies and good customer service. That way, if your drone gets damaged or just isn’t working properly, you’ll know you can get all of your problems fixed!


If you’re thinking about buying a drone but you’re hesitating—don’t. Just go ahead and do it! Just think of all you can do with your new drone. And when buying drones online, you can look at all the specs so that you’ll know exactly what type of power you’ll have.

DJI Inspire 1 5700 Battery 1

DJI Inspire 1 5700 Battery


Pretty much all camera drones come with a battery. Some are much better than others, but they all get less than thirty minutes of flight time. Not terrible, but not great either. But if you think about it, those batteries are pulling a lot of weight and doing a huge job. So you really have to be impressed with those drones that get in a lot of flight time.


With the DJI Inspire 1, you get a high-capacity 4500mAh battery called the DJI Intelligent Flight Battery. It is a great battery but it only gives you about 18 minutes of flight time, which is only slightly above average. While this is still generally enough time to get in some good photo shots before you have to switch batteries or head home, more flight time would definitely be appreciated.


Fortunately for all of us, DJI made a more advanced battery for the Inspire 1 that will give you 22 minutes of flight time instead of just 18. You might say “four minutes more? Big deal.” Yes, it is a big deal. This battery would actually make a huge difference in your photography projects, especially if you had several of these in the field and could switch one out when it ran out of juice.


The amount of flight time isn’t the only difference between the 4500 battery and the 5700 battery. When comparing the specs, you’ll see four key differences:


5700 battery:

Capacity: 5700mAh

Voltage: 22.8V

Energy: 129.96Wh

Net Weight: 670g


4500 battery:

Capacity: 4500mAh

Voltage: 22.2V

Energy: 99.9Wh

Net Weight: 570g


So the battery type is the same (LiPo 6S) and so is the operating temperature range (-10 to 40C) and max charging power (180W). But otherwise, the 5700 battery holds a lot more punch. The only benefit you get with the 4500 battery is that it is slightly lighter.


Similar to the 4500, the 5700 battery is smart; it will tell you mid-flight how much battery charge remains and when would be a good time to return the Inspire 1 back to home. In pretty much all other ways, the two batteries operate the same way. The battery has the same protections that allow it to function properly: the battery will automatically stop charging when it is full; the battery will only charge at suitable temperatures; the power supply will cut off when a short circuit is identified; and the app will indicate if a battery cell becomes damaged. All super helpful.

Remember that your battery must be fully charged before it can be used for the first time. Charging is simple, but do not use a different charger than what is specified, because this will damage your battery.


Unfortunately, you can only take up to two 5700 batteries on a plane, and they have to be in a carry-on. This is because they have regulations on larger lithium batteries. So be aware of this if you plan on traveling with your Inspire 1 on a plane.


If you need more information on your battery, you can get it from the pilot app on your master controller.

DJI Inspire 1 1345 Self-tightening Props 0

DJI Inspire 1 1345 Self-tightening Props


The propellers of a drone are like bread on a BLT. When you take the bread out of the equation, you still have a BLT but . . . it’s not a sandwich anymore. Think about it. The propellers make it possible for the Inspire 1 to soar around. Other parts are important of course, just not as essential as the propellers. Now, you might worry with something as expensive and powerful as the Inspire 1 if the propellers are going to stay on. You might ask what would happen if the propellers hit someone or something. What kind of damage are they going to do?


Don’t worry so much! With the DJI Inspire 1 1345 self-tightening props, installation is smooth and flight is even smoother. Granted, you probably still want to stay away from trees and other objects that your propellers could run into. The Inspire 1 is pretty powerful and a hit from or on those propellers is going to cause a bit of damage. But if you practice your flying skills, you have nothing to worry about.


When you get your Inspire 1, 4 pairs of props will already be in the box, ready to be installed. Installation is super easy. You’ll notice that two of the prop attachments on the drone are silver while the other two are a darker gray, almost black. These colors match the studs on the actual props. So, obviously, you need to (1) attach a silver prop to a silver attachment (and black on black). You will then (2) twist the propellers onto their attachments. The silver ones should twist on clockwise while the black twist on counterclockwise. And you’re done!


Make sure each propeller is on snugly so that it won’t come off during flight as this has happened to some Inspire 1 flyers.


To ensure that each prop stays on, you can buy prop locks. These are also super easy to install and should only take a minute or two. After you have put on all of the props like I’ve instructed above, align each prop lock clip with the ventilation holes on the propeller. Press down firmly, and prop lock installation should be complete!


Now, if you need them for any reason, you can buy replacements. On the DJI site and through most other dealers, you can buy a pair of props for $10. (One prop will twist on clockwise, the other counterclockwise.) I have seen some places sell the pair for more—like $19. So just make sure you’re getting the best price.


You might notice that DJI also sells something called “1345s Quick Release Props.” These cost the same amount as the self-tightening props but these have a mechanism that makes sure they don’t get loose—so you wouldn’t have to buy prop locks. This is nice but the installation process is a bit more complicated, and you would have to get an installation kit. Personally, I prefer the simpler stuff. But whatever your preference, the DJI props are great.