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Is the DJI Inspire 1 Worth It? 0

Is the DJI Inspire 1 Worth It?

I’ve seen a lot of people on online discussions wonder if the DJI Inspire 1 is really worth it. They wonder if it might not just be better to get the Phantom 3 or any number of other drones for so much cheaper. They bring up a good point. So . . . is the DJI Inspire 1 really worth it?


Short answer: yes.


Longer answer: what you get is worth the price but whether or not you should buy the Inspire 1 really depends on what you need. If you want a drone to just mess around with and fill your Saturday, you might want to get a drone that flies well but isn’t going to cost you almost $3,000. If you want some cool tech for your ten-year-old son’s birthday, you’re, again, going to want something much cheaper and much less powerful. But, if you are a drone enthusiast, and you’re hoping to get some sweet filming done, the Inspire 1 will be well worth your time and money.


The biggest reason why is that the Inspire1 is one of the most advanced drones out there. The Inspire 1 responds smoothly and accurately to every command from the controller, which contains integrated Lightbridge technology to give uninterrupted communication between you and your Inspire 1. You can even add additional remotes so that you don’t have to worry about flying and capturing pictures at the same time.


The lightweight, carbon-fiber design and smart positioning systems allow the Inspire 1 to be safely flown indoors as well as outdoors without causing damage to itself or its environment.


Even with its advanced technology, the Inspire 1 comes ready to fly and has everything; you don’t have to purchase a camera or battery in addition to buying the Inspire 1. A lot of other drones cannot brag about the same thing, so when you think about buying a different drone plus all the parts you need with in, the price difference isn’t really that big. So yes, you’re paying more, but you’re also getting more.

The DJI Intelligent Flight Battery is another indispensable part that comes with the Inspire 1. It has an above-average flight time of 18 minutes and has several features that allow it to be used efficiently.

The Inspire 1 also comes with a really good 4k camera. Some people will argue that the GoPro camera is better, but don’t let them fool you. This camera was made for the drone and so is great for flying shots, and it has much less distortion than most other drone cameras. Not only is there less distortion, but the remarkable gimbal keeps the camera so steady that you can barely tell that there are four whirling propellers bringing the camera up, down, and around. Even through all of these movements, you can adjust all camera settings with the pilot app to give you truly stunning photos; you can control every detail of your flying drone and camera while you remain safely on the ground.

Overall, the DJI Inspire 1 is a camera drone at the very frontlines of technology. Is it worth it? Yes.

DJI Inspire 1 with Case 1

DJI Inspire 1 with Case


Traveling with the DJI Inspire 1 shouldn’t make you nervous. Whether you are traveling across the state with the Inspire 1 in your backseat or you are just packing the Inspire 1 away until next week, a travel case will keep every part snug and safe.


Pretty much any dealer you buy the Inspire 1 from is going to provide a travel case with it. The included case comes with a handle, wheels, and foam insulation. It is great for storing your Inspire 1 but not so great for travel.


For taking your Inspire 1 out into the field, you might want to buy the travel mode case separately. You can buy this case from most of the usual Inspire 1 dealers. You can get it from B&H, Drones Etc., and Go Professional Cases, among other dealers. But, unfortunately, DJI itself doesn’t sell these specialized travel cases.


So, more about the Inspire 1 travel case!


It costs $429, which is pretty pricey, but totally worth it for keeping your drone safe from damage during travel and storage. It has a hard exterior but a foam interior with custom cells, a strong handle, and four wheels that are styled like in-line skates. So it’s super easy to wheel around. To protect your Inspire 1 from theft, the case also has padlock holes, and a molded-in hinge. And you can even get key locking latches. To protect from the weather and other elements, it has a valve that can equalize the pressure and it has a design that is waterproof and dust proof. Not to mention it is resistant to impact damage, UV, corrosion, solvents, and fungus. While your Inspire 1 is locked away, you don’t have to worry about any sort of harm coming to it. Talk about one intense travel case!


So, obviously, you’re going to need to store more than just the drone in your case. Well, every piece of the Inspire 1 has its own specialized place in the case. The special cavities will hold up to 6 batteries, 2 radios, 2 10-inch monitors, 2 transmitters, and, of course, the drone while it is in travel mode. It also has 3 additional cavities which will hold any other accessories you might have.


Several online reviews say that the travel case is truly amazing, and they would definitely recommend it. One customer said that, while on a long trip, his case went through a lot of wear and humidity, but the Inspire 1 was still perfectly preserved inside.



Of course, if the included case works for you and you’re pretty confident about no incidents happening to your drone, then go ahead and keeping using the included case. It’s still a good case, just not quite as protective or easy to haul around. One way or another, make sure you always pack up your Inspire 1 when traveling or when it’s not in use. The last thing you want is for your Inspire 1 to get damaged, because it wasn’t put away properly.

DJI Inspire 1 Tutorial 0

DJI Inspire 1 Tutorial

I’m not a great tutorial watcher. Within the first few seconds of watching a tutorial I’ll get distracted and have to start the video over from the beginning. If I’m reading directions, it’s even worse. And, after a few minutes, I’ll eventually give up and just try to figure out how to do the thing myself. Hopefully, you’re not so much like me, because tutorials are so much more interesting to watch that just reading and rereading directions. And when it comes to all things DJI Inspire 1, you’re going to want to know what you’re doing.


Here, we’re going to talk about tutorials. Where you can find them, which tutorials are the best, and I’ll even include my own little written tutorial on how to get started.


First of all, you can find a bunch of videos on the DJI site. Just go to the Inspire 1 page and click on the videos tab. There are nine official videos here, six of which are tutorials. They’re short but get straight to the point in telling you exactly what you need to know. Particularly in how to get your Inspire 1 off the ground. Below these videos are eleven more which are partner videos. These videos were not created by DJI, but they are extremely helpful.


Apart from the DJI site, you can always go straight to YouTube and search for Inspire 1 tutorials. I’ve found some great ones about flying the Inspire 1, how to use the controller, and how to operate the flight simulator.


In trying to find good Inspire 1 tutorials on YouTube, I also ran into a bunch that just showed the Inspire 1 filming without any dialogue or instructions. With tutorials, you don’t want to say, “Wow, what a great field, too bad this taught me nothing.” To stay away from these, take a look at the titles. If the title says it’s a test flight, you’re probably going to watch about fifteen minutes of a sunset (Yes, very pretty. But, like I said, not super helpful). Instead, look for videos that specifically say “tutorial” in the title. Pretty self-explanatory, right?


So, now it’s time for a small tutorial from me about how to get started with your drone and what areas you might want to see a video tutorial for.

1. When your Inspire 1 first comes in the mail and you eagerly take it out of the box, you’re going to do a small about of assembly. Emphasis on “small.” It really should only take a few minutes to install the battery and the gimbal with camera and then screw on the propellers. (Note: you do need to charge your remote and battery fully before using them). So this is pretty easy, but if you want to use a tutorial just to make sure you’ve got everything right, go for it.

2. Install all the software you need. Okay, this is, again, pretty simple, but you may want to view a tutorial, especially if you aren’t super good with computers.

3. Familiarize yourself with the remote control so you know what every button and toggle will do.

4. Takeoff and fly. Please, please use a tutorial for this. The last thing you want to do is crash your $3,000 drone because you didn’t know how to fly the thing.


With the help of a few tutorials and some practice, you’ll be flying high in no time.

DJI Inspire 1 Support 2

DJI Inspire 1 Support

Getting good support for your drone is like not getting run over by a double-decker bus on your way to work. You expect it. You expect that you will make your way to work without any crazy bus incidents just like you expect great support from your drone company. Hopefully, you will find support for your DJI Inspire 1 that will not only meet your expectations, but exceed them.


First of all, even though there are a lot of dealers that sell the Inspire 1, not a lot actually offer real support for the drone. Among the companies that do, I’ve found that DJI and Drones Etc. are the best options.


Obviously DJI itself. When you go to the DJI site, there will actually be a “support” tab that you can click on and peruse. DJI’s support page surpasses other dealers’ support in that it offers you quick information all in one place. At the top of the page, there are three links that will let you directly contact the support team, redirect you to the DJI wiki page, or provide you with all the details of the after-sales service policies.


Beneath these links is a chart that gives you all the information of locations you can get your service from or where you can buy product. This will tell you the address, contact info, and service hours. If this information isn’t what you’re looking for, you can scroll down and find quick links for each of the drones sold through DJI. So anything you need for the Inspire 1 can be found here, from videos to frequently asked questions to 24-hour support. To top it all off, you can even get technical support online through a chat box.


DJI knows what it’s doing but there are a lot of Inspire 1 owners that prefer to get support from other companies because there are a lot of negative reviews about DJI’s customer service. But, hey, if you don’t find DJI as helpful as you need, there are other places you can go.


Drones Etc. is a great option. When you go to the support tab, you will find a simple page with contact info and even a form box that enables you to send a quick message about your questions or needs. Drones Etc. has great return policies and a great repair service. With their extensive knowledge, they should be able to answer or solve any issues you’re having.

B&H is one of the top places people buy the Inspire 1 from, but I wouldn’t necessarily go to them for any sort of technical support. This is mostly because they sell a large range of camera paraphernalia, and are therefore not going to be as knowledgeable about drones beyond how the camera works.


Beyond these options, there are drone organizations and discussion groups that let you connect with and get support from other drone users. In the discussion groups, you can find out where other people have gotten technical support and what issues they’ve had. One organization I’ve found is the Drone User Group Network. By joining this, you can connect with other drone users and find outlet activities for you hobby.

DJI Inspire 1 Replacement Parts 1

DJI Inspire 1 Replacement Parts

You might lose a piece of your propeller attachments, or, after a bit of wear and tear, it’s time for a new mobile device holder. Any replacement parts for the DJI Inspire 1 that you need can be found on the DJI site. Or you can buy parts from any number of other Inspire 1 dealers.


Some dealers are going to have better prices than others. For example, I found that on the site for Intelligent UAS, their parts were relatively good prices, but, the power adaptor was $30 more than what you pay buying it straight from DJI. And with DJI, the power adaptor comes with an AC cable.


Also, some dealers are only going to have a few replacement pieces that you need, such as which only stocks replacements for the controller, battery, and propellers. And some parts will be sold out more often than others. You may need to shop around a bit for the part that you need for the best price. But I think you will mostly find that a lot of the parts, particularly the bigger ones, are going to be roughly the same price across the board.


You may be able to buy used Inspire 1 parts for cheaper prices on sites like eBay or Amazon. This could be fine but just know that there’s a possibility these parts are already damaged or will have a shorter life than if you had just bought a new replacement part.


Keep your eye out for the best deals on replacement parts. Some places will sell parts together for a much cheaper price than if you bought them separately—just as how I said above that DJI sells a power adaptor and AC cable together while you have to buy them separately from other places.

So when do you know if you need a replacement part? Well first of all, if a particular part has stopped working properly, it’s probably worth it to just replace the thing. If a propeller were to get smashed up a bit, it’s no problem to just order a new propeller and screw it on. Also, you may need to get an extra battery if you want more flight time while you are filming outdoors.


When replacing parts, just know that fiddling around with the drone yourself instead of letting a repair team fix it (especially if you aren’t entirely sure what you’re doing) may not comply with your warranty. This means that if you try to send your Inspire 1 in later for a repair, the company may end up charging you for it because you tried to fix it yourself first. If you know that your Inspire 1 already doesn’t comply with your warranty and a repair will end up costing you anyway, then it could be a good idea to just go ahead and fix it yourself. Otherwise, check to see if DJI or another repair service will repair it for free. No need to pay for extra parts if you don’t have to!