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DJI Inspire 1 Ground Station 0

DJI Inspire 1 Ground Station

DJI has a fully-featured ground station that is already compatible with the Phantom 2 and can be controlled with an app. But, as far as I can tell, DJI is still working on making an Inspire 1 ground station. The word is that ground station for Inspire 1 will be available in the next few months. Just to get excited about what’s to come and to know more about it, let’s look at what the Phantom 2 Ground Station can do.


Ground station makes it possible for you to program your drone and fly it out of sight. Ground station is meant to give drones an autonomous flight option, flying them along a preset course that may be modified during flight. Sort of like putting it on autopilot. You can edit missions, plan flight routes, and display flight status. Ground station also includes a terminal for flight control. With DJI’s ground station, you can get feedback from your flight state in real time, edit waypoints on a 3-D map, and you can enable an auto takeoff and landing sequence.


The waypoints are markers for your flight plan as the drone will fly from one scheduled waypoint to the next. By adjusting a waypoint, you will adjust the shape of the flight. To get your drone in the air, just set a waypoint and with a single tap it will set off for its destination.


DJI has a user guide that will give you step-by-step instructions on how to use this app.


When you purchase the Bluetooth Datalink and Ground Station, you’ll get a few different things in the box: a ground end of the datalink, an air end of the datalink, a BTU module, a CAN-Bus cable, a USB cable, and a DC power cable. After you have connected all of these parts, you will need to install the Ground Station app. You will need to connect the datalink and module to the flight control system. Then, when you run the app it will search your main controller. There will be a FirstUser function that will help you during each subsequent step so that you don’t have to worry about knowing how to operate everything before you even get the app.


If you are having issues connecting to the main controller, check to make sure everything else is connected properly, particularly the ground end. If you feel like everything is connected but you’re still having problems, you can contact the dealer and they should be able to walk you through any troubleshooting.


After you have set all of this up on your iPad, you can fiddle with functions through the flight simulator. To do some real flights, just disable the flight simulator and power up the flight control system.


Now, when you are constructing flights, remember to obey all UAV regulations. Ground station does have an automatic restriction on certain areas so that you will not accidentally schedule your drone to fly too close to an airport or something similar. That could be a disaster!


So the Inspire 1 does not have ground station yet. But within just a few months it will have all of the same, awesome features that the Phantom 2 Ground Station has.

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DJI Inspire 1 Financing

You’ve seen the top-of-the-line DJI Inspire 1. You’ve watched video tutorials about how smooth it flies. You’ve done your research, and you just cannot wait to get that high-tech remote in your hand. But there may be one thing holding you back: the price. You might be thinking do I have to pay that all at once? No, actually. At $2,899, the DJI Inspire 1 isn’t cheap, but you can finance your drone, which will allow you to pay off the price in manageable portions.


When I say “finance your drone,” what I mean is that you are essentially being loaned the money by the drone company, and you have to pay off that loan in installments. This does mean that you would be paying interest, but this may be the most efficient payment method for you. Now, not very many companies give financing as an option. Some that I’ve found that do are Drones Etc., DSLR pros, and


Drones Etc. offers the lowest financing I’ve found of $80 a month for the standard DJI Inspire 1 single remote bundle. For the DJI Inspire 1 dual remotes bundle, you can finance for $93 a month. These are very competitive rates.


At DSLR pros, they offer a financing deal of $111 a month for the single remote bundle but they don’t supply the dual remote bundle at all.


At you can also finance your drone for $111 a month for the single remote bundle and $131 for the dual remote bundle.


By buying through Adorama, you have the option of using FlexShopper, which will actually lease you the drone. You would pay weekly payments of $115.  To own the Inspire 1, you would simply keep paying this amount until the drone was paid off. Now, FlexShopper says you can only lease to own items that are between $49.95 and $2,500 so the information seems a little contradictory. But I think an exception is made for the Inspire 1.


Now, with a lot of different options, it’s easy to get confused about what the best deal actually is. It might be more feasible for you to pay a lower amount each month or it might be better to pay a higher amount and then get your drone paid off faster. A lot of getting the best deal also depends on how much interest you would be paying—which fluctuates. Some companies offer more competitive rates than others, and you would have to ask them what their rates are when you decide to finance your drone.


Understand that although financing is a quick way to buy your drone without spending an extravagant amount of money in one go, it may not be the best option for you. If you can buy the Inspire 1 straight out then this would be better, because you would not be paying interest. But if you need your drone asap, and paying the entire price straight up isn’t really an option for you, then go ahead and finance your drone.

Best bundles for the DJI Inspire 1 0

Best bundles for the DJI Inspire 1

The DJI Inspire 1 comes with everything you need to get started, but there are other accessories and additions that could really enhance your filming. Some are actually pretty essential. The specialized travel case, for example, doesn’t come with the Inspire 1, but if you want to transport it across any distance without damaging it, or if you want to store it for any amount of time, you really can’t live without the hard case. You also really can’t afford not to get a second remote controller, because controlling the drone’s flight and camera function at the same time is extremely difficult.


If you try to get all of these items in addition to getting the Inspire 1, it’s going to cost you a lot more than you were maybe planning on. But getting a bundle can save you a lot of money since certain accessories would be included with the Inspire 1.


There are a couple of different bundles available and you can pick which one would be best for your needs.


The best bundle I’ve found gets you the Inspire 1 with two remotes. You can buy this bundle through pretty much any dealer at about $3,399, making the price difference between getting the Inspire 1 with dual remotes and getting a second remote separate from the Inspire 1 about $150. And that’s with the second remote on sale. At normal price, you would actually be saving $199. With this bundle, you will be able to film without any troubles. Really, since you have to get the second remote anyway, you might as well save 150 bucks while doing it.


A second bundle I found specifically on Adorama gets you the Inspire 1, a remote, and two Intelligent Flight batteries for $3,029. You would be saving about $29 if you got this bundle rather than buying the second battery separately. If you’re wondering if a second battery is really necessary, I would say the answer is yes! With a second battery on hand at your flight site, you would be able to switch out your original battery when it runs out of juice. Putting the second battery in would then give you double the amount of flight time. If you drove quite a ways out to do some filming and cool drone maneuvers, then you really would want to get in as much flight time as possible. And by getting this dual battery bundle, you would be saving money on something you would probably end up investing in anyway.


Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find a bundle that includes dual remotes and dual batteries. But if you’re looking to buy one bundle or the other, I would go with the dual remote bundle since this would save you a lot more. Then you can just buy the second battery separately.


Just be aware of different bundles available when you buy your Inspire 1. Even though you may think you’re saving money by just buying the drone, you may actually end up spending more money than you need to later on.

How to Enter Travel Mode on the DJI Inspire 1 1

How to Enter Travel Mode on the DJI Inspire 1


Do you remember going to the arcade and trying out the driving simulators? You sat in the nasty-smelling driver’s seat and had a blast cruising down narrow, simulated streets in your fancy, fake race car. You might have even tried a flight simulator and thought about how cool it would be to actually fly a real plane or helicopter. Well flying a DJI Inspire 1 is the real deal and twice as thrilling. You can watch your drone zoom over rivers and fields, all while making incredible maneuvers. You can even see what your drone sees from the screen on your mobile device.


When I started reading about something called travel mode on the DJI Inspire 1, I thought it would send the craft into some preplanned excursion to find some hidden treasure or something. In reality, travel mode maybe isn’t the coolest feature, but it is still pretty useful.


Right out of the box, the Inspire 1 is actually already in travel mode. Taking it out of travel mode or entering travel mode again takes the same steps.


To put the Inspire 1 into travel mode, you first need to place the drone on a very flat surface. If it is not on a flat surface, it could go into flight mode instead. If you are out in a remote location where there doesn’t seem to be a flat surface, you may be able to use the outside of the travel case as a flat surface. After you’ve done this, toggle the transformation switch on the remote four times. The main center body of the drone will lower to the ground until it is about 2cm away, where it will stop. In this position, you can store your drone in its case for travel—hence the name. You can also take the battery out at this time if you need to.


To take the Inspire 1 back out of flight mode, you do pretty much the same thing. Just toggle the transformation switch on the remote, again four times. The body will rise to the landing mode needed to attach the gimbal and be ready for flight.


So travel mode is essentially meant to put the drone into a position where it will fit nicely back into its travel case for safe storage and transport. And it can only fit into the travel case when it is in travel mode. The DJI Inspire 1 travel case can fit the Inspire 1, 2 remote controllers, 6 flight batteries, a charger, and 2 field monitors (as long as they are less than 10in). It even has 3 additional cavities which can hold any miscellaneous items you need it to. It has a closed-cell foam interior as well as an ambient pressure equalization valve that ensures each item in your case is well protected.


Knowing how to put the DJI Inspire 1 into travel mode can save you a lot of frustration when trying to pack up your gear and move to a different location.

Discounts and Coupons on the DJI Inspire 1 0

Discounts and Coupons on the DJI Inspire 1


Almost every dealer sells the Inspire 1 for $2,899. So, okay the DJI Inspire 1, while well worth its price, it definitely not cheap. And if you’re like me, you don’t just have thousands of dollars burning a hole in your pocket. You could invest in it with a friend and that way only spend half the regular amount yourself. But, with some discounts and coupons, you may be able to buy it for a little cheaper and keep the drone to yourself.


I know is currently selling the Inspire 1 at a discounted price—$2,679. It has great reviews of customers saying that the transaction was smooth, and they had no problems. The only difference that I can see between this and other dealers is that it seems to take a few more days for the drone to ship to you, but considering that you are saving more than $200, it’s a great discount. is also selling the Inspire 1 at the same discounted price, but, based on several reviews, it looks like a lot of customers have had difficulties buying through them.


If you go to, you’ll find a few different discounts and coupons for the Inspire 1. This site will tell you about different coupons available on other sites, and it will tell you if you need a coupon code to get the discount. Right now it shows that there are two coupons that will be available soon; HobbyWOW will soon have a coupon of 42% off the Inspire 1 and DJI will soon have a coupon of $150 off the Inspire 1. Both of these would help the price issue a lot and if you check this site every once in a while, you might find even more deals. is another website that regularly offers coupons that people find and collect into one place. I can’t find a lot of info on itself and some of the coupon codes might be invalid, but this still seems like a great place to look into if you want to save a few bucks.


Also, many different dealers have newsletters that will notify you if there are any new deals or sales available. I know both B&H and Drones Etc. have this option. So if there is a particular dealer or two that you know and like and think you would probably buy your drone through them, it’s a good idea to go ahead and sign up for their newsletters.


With some companies, you have a few different payment options that let you pay for your drone in more manageable portions. One example is Drones Etc., where you can finance your drone for as little as $80 a month if that is more doable. Drones Etc. also has a price match guarantee, which makes sure you get your drone for the best price out there.


It’s a good idea to always keep an eye out for any of the latest deals that a retailer might have to lower the cost of your drone.