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Another great review from a Drones Etc Customer.  Buy from us and you will be backed up by amazing techs like Matt:
Can you let Matt and his crew know that I am great full for drones etc support and knowledge.. I just purchased a phantom pro 3, had issues with the firmware install, then it was issues with the gyros.. I figured I was going to have to bring it in, but thanks to the technical knowledge of your staff, they had me fixed up in no time...
Thank you,  
Paul Pritchett

FAA Green-Lights Drones for Insurance Claims 1

A new FAA ruling will allow the Property Drone Consortium to fly drones for property claims research on behalf of customers. Allstate is a member of the Consortium, which is led by EagleView Technology Corp., a technology provider of aerial imagery, data analytics and geographic information system solutions.

In a catastrophe, access to neighborhoods could be limited by local authorities, debris or weather, the Consortium said, and drones could help claims professionals serve customers despite those restrictions.

"Clearing this hurdle is a big step forward as we continue to research the benefits of using drones in our property claims service," said Shawn Broadfield, Allstate's claims vice president and member of the Property Drone Consortium. "The ability to use drones in areas hit-hard by catastrophe where accessibility is limited will help us better assist our customers when they need us most. Allstate is always looking to leverage innovation as we help our customers protect what matters to them most."

This Property Drone Consortium’s exemption includes the following provisions:

  • Must be 5 nautical miles away from airports with a control tower
  • Flights are limited to 400 feet above ground
  • Must be over private property with permission from the property owner
  • Pilots must hold a commercial, private or sport pilot's license and an FAA airman medical certificate or driver's license and have received training on the unmanned aerial vehicle system.
  • Must be flown in daylight, with a visual observer and within unaided line of sight
  • Permission authorized until May 31, 2017

The FAA approval paves the way for consortium members to use drones to collect and process images for research, which can facilitate the assessment of exterior property damage. The consortium also plans to continue its research on safety, including collision avoidance, visual line of sight and automated flight planning with drones, the consortium said.

By: Chris McMahon

Inspire Quadcopter for Sale 1

Inspire Quadcopter for Sale


If you’re planning on buying a DJI Inspire 1 quadcopter, you can find it for sale just about anywhere.


Some of the most trusted places are B&H, Best Buy, Amazon, and Drones Etc. You can even buy the Inspire through DJI itself. For drone dealer locations, you can look at DJI’s site and find the “dealers” page. This will give you a map of all the dealers in your area, and it will also give you a list of top dealers and their contact info.


Most places sell the Inspire for $2,899 but you can find it for less depending on where you look. Amazon sells used Inspires for about $2,699. If you want to save a few bucks this may look appealing but if you only have to pay $200 more to get a brand new Inspire that has a better chance of working perfectly, I would stay away from the used models. Not to mention you can actually get a warranty on it if it’s new. Also, most places online will ship the Inspire free but some tack on high shipping prices so be aware of how much shipping will be before you get it.


Deciding which dealer to buy from is an important decision. With different dealers come different policies and services and some offer way more than others. Some companies, such as Drones Etc. and DJI itself, offer repair services and, if you qualify, you may be able to get your drone repaired for free. Be aware of what each dealer offers before buying so that you know what will be covered if your Inspire doesn’t work the way it should or how long the return policy is.


When buying the Inspire quadcopter, you want to look for possible bundles for sale. With quadcopters like these it’s a good idea to get extra parts like batteries so that you can spend more time in the air before needing to recharge. With the Inspire, a second remote is almost mandatory since this will free you up to take full control of flying and camera movement. The most common bundle for the Inspire 1 gets you the Inspire 1 with two remotes rather than just one. You can buy this bundle through pretty much any dealer at about $3,399, making the price difference between getting the Inspire 1 with dual remotes and getting a second remote separate from the Inspire 1 about $150. And that’s with the second remote on sale. At normal price, you would actually be saving $199. With this bundle, you will be able to film without any troubles. Really, since you have to get the second remote anyway, you might as well save 150 bucks while doing it. A second bundle I’ve found is one that gets you the Inspire, one remote, and two batteries for $3,029, which saves you about $29.


No matter which dealer you get it from or which bundle you get, you won’t regret having the Inspire 1 quadcopter nearby to capture every amazing moment around you.

Phantom 3 Quadcopter for Sale 2

Phantom 3 Quadcopter for Sale


I imagine there have been an infinite amount of times throughout history when everyone thought “it cannot possibly get any better than this.” They probably thought that when the first horse-drawn cart was made, making it possible for people and goods to travel long distances without ever needing to walk. They probably thought the same thing when the first play was put on, entertaining people for hours. When the first donut was invented, everyone probably thought food as a whole had reached the pinnacle of deliciousness. But in every case, things would only get better and better.


It’s no different for drones. New ones are coming out all the time, each one with more advanced features than the last. And more quadcopters will come in the future that we can’t even imagine now. When DJI came out with the Phantom 2 Vision, every drone enthusiast was thrilled and perfectly satisfied with their new technology. But now the Phantom 3 has come, holding more features and advancements than ever.


The Phantom 3 came out a little over a month ago with two different models: the Professional and the Advanced. They are only different from each other in camera and battery charger as well as (obviously) price. The camera for the Professional is 4k while the camera for the Advanced only shoots in 1080p at 60fps. This really separates the professional photographers from those who are only drone enthusiasts. The battery chargers are only different in that the Professional charges slightly faster. I’m not sure why this difference is even a thing but it is a factor to consider. Then, the price. The Professional costs $1,259 while the Advanced costs $999.


Already, there are many drone dealers who are selling the Phantom 3. For Phantom 3 dealers, you can go to the DJI site, and there will be a map showing each dealer’s location and a list showing some contact info. Since the Phantom 3 has only been out a short time, the prices are going to be about the same across the board. The only difference in price that you might see is with shipping. Some dealers charge much more than others depending on their policies and location, so this is important to pay attention to.


When searching for places that have the Phantom 3 for sale, also take a look at their return services, customer services, and repair services. You never know what troubles you’ll run into when buying the Phantom 3 and trying it out for the first time, so checking what your dealer offers beforehand will save you a lot of headache in the future when you need to return something or get an issue resolved.


Another thing to keep your eye on after buying the Phantom 3 is updates. As DJI finds various bugs that have slipped through the system, they will release updates that iron out the bugs and make every Phantom 3 flight experience smooth and enjoyable. Already, a few updates have come out that will adjust different software. For more information about the Phantom 3, you can always look at DJI’s site.

Quadcopter for Sale on Amazon 1

Quadcopter for Sale on Amazon


Finding quadcopters for sale on Amazon can be a chore. I only say this because there are so many options to sift through and finding the right one for you is not as easy as just typing in “quadcopter.” You’ll get hundreds of results and many of them won’t even be quadcopters. You can narrow down your search with the advanced search column but this still may give you a bunch of results that seem unrelated and it may leave out the one drone that would be best for you.


Don’t get me wrong, Amazon is still a great place to find a quadcopter for sale. In fact, Amazon has its own drone store that has a list of drones for sale (though not yet comprehensive) and even some informational pages that tell you the basics about drones. Instead of searching through Amazon though, it’s better to know exactly which drone you want and then look that up on Amazon.


Here are some top choices of quadcopters for sale on Amazon:


The Parrot Minidrone Rolling Spider is unusual for its amazing acrobatics that are fun for anyone to play around with. It has large wheels extending beyond the quad propellers that let the drone flip in amazing U-turns and half turns. It can even roll from ceiling to walls to floor with the wheel/quad-propeller combo. The Rolling Spider can only fly for 8 minutes at a time and is small enough to fit easily in your open hands, but at about $80, this is a great drone for children and beginners.


Another quadcopter that also comes from Parrot is the Parrot AR Drone 2.0. This is a very popular choice, and it only costs about $300. It already comes with a quality camera and it’s safe due to the barriers around its propellers. The Parrot can get speeds up to about 11mph, it has about 20 minutes of flight time, and its sensors allow for smooth flying and increased control.


The Walkera QR X350 Pro costs anywhere from $300 to $400 on Amazon depending on which dealer you look at specifically. You have to buy a camera separately, but it does come with a two-axis gimbal, and its battery life is very impressive with about 25 minutes of flight time. It can reach up to 45mph, and it has smart GPS and Altitude sensors to keep flight steady.


The Blade 350 QX3 costs around $399 on Amazon. This model is ready-to-fly out of the box and it’s easy to fly. It’s equipped to carry a GoPro camera. Its GPS antennae and Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope make for clearer signal and easier flight. 15 minutes of flight time makes this more of a simple drone but still a top choice on Amazon.


Once you’ve found the drone you want, take a look at the different dealers selling through Amazon. You’ll find a variety of prices and deals as well as helpful policies and services. One way or another, Amazon will help you to make sure everything in your purchase goes smoothly.