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 DJI Quadcopter for Sale


For DJI quadcopters for sale, look to the Phantom and Inspire series.


The Phantom Series has a history of 6 different drone models. The earlier Phantom models, like Phantom 1 and 2, are very simple compared to the later models and aren’t for sale anymore in a lot of stores. But there are still a few places you can buy them: B&H, Amazon, and eBay are a few. The Phantom 1 will generally cost about $300 depending on where you get it from. The Phantom 1 has about 15 minutes of flight time, IOC, and a GoPro camera mount. It’s still a great model for drone enthusiasts.


The Phantom 2 has its own miniseries with 3 different models: Phantom 2, 2 Vision, and 2 Vision +. The difference between the original Phantom 2 and the newer models in the series is the camera. The Phantom 2 has no camera and only costs around $500. It does have 25 minutes of flight time, a useful ground station feature, and it can be linked to a Lightbridge system. The Phantom 2 Vision and Vision +, however, have their own built-in cameras that shoot in 1080p. They also have built-in Wi-Fi, radar positioning, a new compass, and terrific video settings. (The Vision + also comes with 3-axis camera stabilization.) The Phantom 2 Vision costs around $800 while the Vision + costs about $1,299.


The Phantom 3 is the newest quadcopter to come out of DJI. It has many of the same features as the Inspire 1 such as an integrated Lightbridge system, an incredible control range, and it comes with great cameras—a different one for the Phantom 3 Professional versus Advanced. Both models have live HD view, which is becoming more standard for quality camera drones these days. The Phantom 3 also comes with a cool safety feature where you can set limits of how far away from you your drone can fly. This means you won’t easily lose sight of it and accidentally crash into something. With all of its features, this drone is quickly becoming the one that everyone wants as their go-to. What makes it truly incredible is the price. Even though it comes ready-to-fly with many of the same features as the Inspire 1, you only pay $1,259 for the Professional and $999 for the Advanced.


The Inspire 1 still has its perks though and I don’t think it will fade out of style for quite a few more years. Yes, it does cost $2,899, which is significantly higher than the Phantom 3. But the Inspire has all that the Phantom 3 has and more. It has everything. It has the integrated Lightbridge system, a possible 22 minutes of flight time, and a 4k camera. But unlike the Phantom 3, the Inspire’s camera is removable so that if future upgrades become available, you won’t be stuck with an old camera and gimbal. It also has retractable landing gear, which allows you to raise the landing gear out of sight of the camera. The flight and response of the Inspire is also noticeably smoother than the Phantom 3 and other competing models.


In my opinion, the Inspire 1 is the best quadcopter for sale anywhere, no matter what features other companies boast. But all in all, you can’t go wrong with any DJI model.

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Quadcopter for Sale


Drones come in a couple of different propeller designs—octocopter, hexacopter, quadcopter, and helicopter. By far the most popular consumer drone design is the quadcopter. The four-propeller configuration gives the drone maximum maneuverability with the minimum amount of propellers.


There is a wide range of quadcopters for sale. From amateur recreational use to quadcopters for the pros. From less-known brands to the big-name, top-of-the line manufacturers. And from all sorts of sizes and features. With so many quadcopters to sift through and choose from, it can be hard to find the one drone that will satisfy you for many years to come. I’ve outlined a few drones here that may help narrow down your search.


Toy quadcopters that are just for fun:

You’ve probably seen an ad or two for the high-end drones that come with every imaginable feature and cost much more than just a few hundred dollars. While it’s true these are great drones, if you’re only looking for some backyard fun with your kids, you don’t need the extra features and you don’t need to scrounge around for extra money in your wallet. For toy quadcopters, you can get just about any one online that is durable and safe. These will all cost less than $100, just pay attention to customer reviews to make sure that the drone you get will be durable enough to last more than one or two flights.


Camera quadcopters that capture those stunning shots:

For great aerial photography, you do not want to cut corners on the quality of the camera or on drone-camera stability. You also want a drone that will execute any maneuver to get the hard-to-reach shots. The best camera quadcopters are going to come from DJI—either the Inspire 1 ($2,899) or the Phantom 3 Professional ($1,259). But there are plenty of other camera drones that you can attach a GoPro to and these will cost you far less. The Walkera QR X350 Pro is just one example and it only costs about $300 depending on where you get it from.


Drone enthusiasts that care about flight first and photography second:

You want a quadcopter that you can take full control of. A quadcopter that will impress you and your friends. If you fall in this category, you probably can’t wait to get your hands on one of the new models of 2015. Like the Walkera Voyager 3 with its one-key features. Or the Hubsan X4 Pro which somehow boasts 40 minutes of flight time. You definitely want to try out Lily, which will follow you wherever you go and which comes out next year.


Pros who know it:

If you’re a pro at everything drones, then you already know exactly what you want and you’ve already figured out exactly how to get it. The pros want the newest and most reliable technology. Like the DJI Inspire 1 and DJI Phantom 3 Professional. The 3DR Solo, one of the first-ever smart drones, is another new drone that has everyone oohing and aahing. These and other new quadcopters for sale are going to make every other drone owner wish they’d upgraded too.

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Best Drone to Buy Online


Imagine ordering a pizza and fifteen minutes later your doorbell rings. Instead of a pizza guy standing there, a drone hovers there instead, waiting for you to take your favorite pepperoni. Seem a little weird? Or just awesome.


The technology is about an inch away and regulation changes for aerial drones are just a few feet behind that. Now imagine how close you are to holding something like that incredible technology in your hands. One wish and a few clicks away. That’s how far. Just figure out which is the best drone to buy and then order it online. Within a few days it will be sitting on your doorstep, just waiting to take off.


The hardest part about this is figuring out which drone is the best.


Despite what anyone tells you, the “best” drone does not only depend on fancy features. The best drone for you might be a $200 drone that is a big hit at family reunions and work barbeques. For flights like this, you don’t need the fancy features.


But if smooth sophistication is what you need, there is a short list of consumer drones that are the “best that money can buy.” At the top of this list are DJI drones. Specifically, the Inspire 1 and the Phantom 3 models. These are some of the best drones to buy online for their ready-to-fly design, stellar cameras, and Lightbridge systems. If you aren’t afraid to pay for the best, these won’t disappoint.


If you know these aren’t what you’re looking for, but you still need to narrow down your search a bit, ask yourself a few questions. You need to know who will be flying, what it will be used for, what your price range is, and what features you want. Answering these questions will help you find the drone that you will be satisfied with. Once you’ve answered these questions, you might want to search specific manufacturers’ websites for the drone that best fits your preferences. Some popular drone manufacturers that have been known to be reliable are Parrot, DJI, Walkera, Hubsan, and 3DR. Look at these companies’ products for the drone that fits your price and your needs.


Two particular drones that I’ve noticed have great features but fall in a medium price range are the Walkera QR X350 Pro and the Parrot AR Drone 2.0. The Walkera model costs only about $300, depending on where you buy it from. It comes with a 2-axis gimbal and an impressive 25 minutes of flight time. Although this doesn’t have a camera, this drone is durable and efficient. The Parrot model is very popular and also costs about $300. This one is already equipped with a quality camera and has barriers around the propellers to reduce damage. The Parrot can get up to about 11mph, has about 20 minutes of flight time, and its sensors allow for smooth flying and increased control.


No need to buy directly from the manufacturer though. There are plenty of online dealers that may have better deals and policies that will give you a positive buying experience.

Best Drone to Buy 2015 0

Best Drone to Buy 2015


This year, look ahead to the future to stay on top of the drone market. What I mean is that you should stay away from the older models and look for a drone that has all the capabilities to keep up with advancing technology in the coming years. If you had been living under a rock your whole life and suddenly decided to get started on a home video system, you would not go out and buy a VCR when only Blu-ray discs are being sold.


There are a few drones that have come out in the last year or two that will still be considered advanced a few years from now. And there are drones that have come out just this year in 2015 that are at the forefront of drone technology. These are going to be the best drones to buy in 2015.


The DJI Inspire 1 will be a great option for many years as it has all the advanced features you could need. Everything from a 4k camera to an integrated Lightbridge system to dual-remote control. This ready-to-fly drone is very popular and will cater to your every need.


This year, DJI has come out with a new drone: the Phantom 3 Professional and Advanced. It comes close to matching all of the Inspire’s features but DJI has worked hard to make it more affordable at $1,259 for the Professional and $999 for the Advanced. The Phantom 3 has sophisticated takeoff and landing controls, an integrated Lightbridge system that has a 1.2mi range of control, and a safety mode that limits how far the drone can fly away from you. The camera is what makes the big difference between the two models as the advanced shoots 1080p at 60 fps and the professional shoots 4k video at 30fps.


Hubsan X4 Pro was also released in 2015. It costs almost $1,000. It boasts an incredible 40 minutes of flight time, which alone makes this drone irreplaceable. It also has an HD camera, 3-axis gimbal, fail-safe control system, and removable rotor guards for protection. It even has a reusable parachute.


Walkera Voyager 3 is another drone released in 2015. Walkera fans will be excited to get their hands on this as it is the most advanced drone to come out of Walkera yet. It costs $1,999, comes with a professional camera that shoots1080p at 60 fps, and gets in about 20 to 25 minutes of flight time. Compared to its competition, this drone will keep you ahead of growing technology.


3DR released the Solo this year, the first almost-entirely autonomous drone. It can respond smoothly to your every command or you can set it to let you fly hands-free. It doesn’t come with a camera or gimbal but you can add these on to your purchase at the same time. Adding on the gimbal and camera, it’ll cost about $1,800. It has a smart battery, external LED lights, a 3-axis gimbal, live video feed, and an onboard computer.


Like the 3DR Solo, Lily is a camera drone that is almost completely autonomous. Rather than being designed to cover all aerial photography needs, Lily is meant to follow you wherever you go and film all your coolest moments whether you are snowboarding or waterskiing. Lily is also completely waterproof. All you have to do to get it going is toss it into the air. Although this won’t come out until early next year, this is definitely a cool drone you want to think about now.

DJI Inspire Drone 0

DJI Inspire Drone


What do other drones have that the Inspire 1 hasn’t got?


Nothing. That’s right, nothing. When talking only about consumer drones, the DJI Inspire 1 is the only one that has the best of everything in one system. The only thing that holds anyone back from buying it and the only thing that has anyone questioning whether or not the Inspire 1 is worth it is the price. $2,899 is a big price tag for recreational equipment. But, hey, if there is a lot of money burning a hole in your pocket, there would be no need to even look at any other drones, because the Inspire 1 beats them all.


Now that the Phantom 3 has come out with a lot of the same features as the Inspire 1 but at half the cost, the Inspire 1 seems a bit overpriced. Everything that is packed into the Inspire 1 is worth the price, in my opinion, but whether or not you should buy the Inspire 1 really depends on what you need a drone for.


The Inspire1 is one of the most advanced drones out there. The controller contains an integrated Lightbridge system that allows you to communicate every move to your drone in the sky. The Inspire 1 will respond immediately, smoothly, and accurately so that controlling it becomes second nature. The Inspire 1 comes with a pretty unique remote feature where you can link slave remotes to the master remote and have several people working on the same flight at the same time.


Although indoor flight is always tricky, the Inspire 1 can be flown indoors as well as outdoors due to the lightweight, carbon-fiber design and smart positioning systems.


The DJI Intelligent Flight Battery that comes with the Inspire 1 is powerful and has an above-average flight time of 18 minutes and has several features that allow it to be used efficiently. You can even purchase an extra battery that is a little more advanced and will get about 22 minutes of flight time.

The Inspire 1 also comes with a really good 4k camera that almost all other consumer drones do not come with. Some people will argue that the GoPro camera is better, and while this debate is best answered by whoever is controlling the camera, just realize that the Inspire 1 camera was specially made for the drone so is great for flying shots. It keeps any distortion to a minimum and the 3-axis gimbal is so smooth that you can’t even tell the drone is flying around in every direction. Through the Pilot app, you can control every movement of your camera and edit every shot as soon as you take it.

The power of the Inspire 1 is incredible. The max speed it can fly is about 50 mph with no wind resistance at all, and the most wind resistance the Inspire can take is about 22 mph, though some have flown it in even stronger winds. With features and capabilities like these, it’s no wonder that the Inspire 1 is at the top of the market.