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DJI Drone Repair


Everyone knows that DJI drones are engineered with the highest quality and technology. Their value makes the cost of each one nothing to sneeze at. Despite wanting to keep them in top condition, these drones can’t just stay in the box forever—they need to be used up. But accidents happen. Maybe you accidentally fly your Inspire 1 into the side of a concrete wall. Maybe you suddenly lose control of you Phantom 2 Vision+ and it comes crashing to the ground. Maybe you run into unforeseen, damaging weather conditions while flying the new Phantom 3. Whatever the issue and whatever the damage, there is DJI drone repair.


Unfortunately, DJI’s repair service isn’t as simple as just sending in your drone, having it fixed, and then getting it back the very next week. The repair you get depends on a few different factors. Through DJI itself, there is a flow chart for service after you buy your drone that will tell you what steps to take, what service is free, and what service you need to pay for. Just go to the support tab on DJI’s site and click on “after-sales service policies” to see the flow chart.


First, call DJI’s after-sales technical support. They will diagnose and confirm the issue, then ask you to fill out a repair form (which is available on DJI’s site). You can then send your product to the repair center where they will test the drone to see what needs repair and see if the issue qualifies you to exchange the drone or get a refund.


If an exchange or refund is not necessary but the drone still needs to be fixed, DJI will check the warranty. If everything complies with this policy, then DJI will repair your drone for free and deliver it back to you as soon as possible.


If your drone does not comply with the warranty policy, then you can either pay for DJI to repair it or just pay for the diagnostics and pay to have the drone sent back to you.


For all refunds and exchanges, you can click on the tab next to “after-sales service policies.” This will show you all the policies about refunds and exchanges. And the tab next to that will take you to the paid repair service. If your warranty has expired, you can still pay for the DJI repair, which is a better option than just paying for a replacement drone.


With DJI’s service, most people say it takes maybe four to five weeks for your drone to be repaired and sent back to you. But this is really dependent on the type of damage.


Some people prefer to fix everything themselves, but be aware that you could cause more harm than good this way. There are other options for repair besides going to DJI or doing the repair yourself. Many dealers have a repair team that can fix any amount of damage, and some may even get it back to you faster than DJI. For more information on repair policies and procedures, contact the specific dealer and ask.


Don’t wait to get your DJI drone repaired. The sooner it’s fixed, the sooner you can log in more flight time.

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DJI Drone Amazon

For anyone already familiar with Amazon, you will be happy to know that you don’t have to search any further to find a DJI drone. For anyone who has never used Amazon, go ahead and give it a try. Any drone that comes out of DJI can be found on Amazon. Even drones they don’t manufacture anymore. As soon as you type in the specific DJI drone you want, several results will show up and you get to pick which one to get.


One important thing to remember about Amazon is that when you buy a DJI drone here, you are typically buying from another DJI dealer through Amazon. Prices tend to vary a lot on Amazon because of this, which can be great for finding the lowest online price. Just pay attention to which dealer you are actually buying from and what policies they have. 


A cool thing about buying from Amazon is that you have the option of buying your drone and parts new or used. Textbooks are just one thing on Amazon that you can find used and can end up paying less than half the price of what the university will charge you. Buying used stuff can be great for saving huge chucks of money. But I’ll just warn you, if you plan on buying a used DJI drone used to fly around and take quality photos, this is a bad idea! Chances are, you’re drone will have issues. I would suggest buying a used DJI drone only for the parts—if that.


Another caution I’ll give for buying a DJI drone on Amazon is that you may end up paying a lot more than the listed price if the shipping price is really high. This is one thing that varies depending on which dealer you are actually buying from through Amazon. Lots of dealers will give you free shipping for more expensive items but others may charge you $30-40 more than what you were expecting to pay.


A great thing about Amazon though is that, up to 30 days after getting the receipt, you can return most things for a full refund. And if you’re sending it back because of a mistake that Amazon made, they will even pay for shipping. Some dealers will have different return policies, but Amazon usually helps with the returns.

Also, Amazon will typically show you other related accessories and parts that may be useful to you in your drone flying. For example, there are various cases available for any DJI drone. And you get just about any replacement part you might need—anything from another battery to more props to a second remote control charger.


Amazon has great reviews for selling DJI drones. Most people have had smooth buying experiences and were happy with every product they got. Amazon is a useful option for buying any DJI drone and any accessories and parts. Buying on Amazon is easy, fast, and fun. In no time you will be traversing the great outdoors with your new top-quality DJI drone.


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DJI Drone Dealers

Although you can purchase a drone from DJI directly, many people prefer to buy through a DJI drone dealer because of different prices, deals, policies, and services. A few of the most popular are B&H, Drones Etc., Best Buy, Hobby King, and Amazon. With most of these places you have to buy from them online. If you’re the kind of buyer who likes to talk to sales associates in person, this could be a problem. Fortunately, on DJI’s site, you will find tons of locations for DJI drone dealers.


Just click on the “dealers” tab on any DJI drone page, and there will be a map showing locations across the world. You can choose which content and country to look at then search in your area to find DJI dealers near you. Looking at the DJI site, here are some places you can look into: A Main Hobbies, HobbyTown, Century Helicopter, Drones Made Easy, Aerial Media Pros, and Dronefly, Inc. If you’re looking to browse and talk to some pros, any of the stores that exclusively sell drones such as Drones Made Easy or Dronefly are probably the best options, but if you really don’t care about going in person, your online options are nearly limitless.


Deciding which dealer to buy from is an important decision. Make sure to look at the prices they offer, customer reviews, and what policies and services that company has. I’ve seen countless reviews of customers who were excited to buy a new drone but then had such nightmares when it came to the company’s service. A lot of people will have issues getting anyone to help them with problems they’ve had with their drone. Other people will wait for weeks or months for their drone to be shipped to them. To avoid these problems and more, just look over everything your drone dealer offers. If there are issues, it’s a good idea to look somewhere else.


Some say that B&H is the best company to buy DJI drones from. B&H does have great shipping policies that will ensure your drone gets shipped to you as quickly as possible and you can get free expedited shipping anywhere in the contiguous United States, which is a great plus. The customer service at B&H is top-notch and if you have any questions that they can’t answer right away, they will take the time to get the answer for you. The return service is great as you can return it within 30 days, and B&H will help you through any difficulties you have in the return process.

Drones Etc. is another company has great customer reviews and extensive drone experience. It also has free same-day shipping and a great 10-day return policy. There’s also a price match guarantee if you find somewhere that sells the DJI drone you want at a lower price. And they have a team of experts ready to repair your drone if it ever gets damaged.


HobbyTown is a great option for buying in person because there are locations all across the United States, and, unlike most large chain stores that sell everything from an electric toothbrush to a DJI drone, drones make up a big part of HobbyTown’s merchandise, so they will be more knowledgeable about the drone you might want.

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DJI Drone

DJI is easily the leading consumer drone manufacturing company in the world. It has made 12 drone models to date and more drone merchandise besides those. Let’s look at the newest drone model in each series.



There are 6 separate drones in the Phantom series, and, as a whole, the Phantom models are the most popular out of everything DJI has come out with. The Phantom 3 Professional and Phantom 3 Advanced were released at the same time earlier this year, making them the newest Phantom models.


In all aspects except the camera and battery charger, both Phantom 3 versions are exactly the same. The Phantom 3 has a three-axis gimbal, and sophisticated takeoff and landing controls. It has an integrated Lightbridge system, which gives it a 1.2mi complete control range (a huge step up from the previous Phantom models) and a clear, HD, first-person view.


A variety of modes and settings allows you to tailor the Phantom 3 to your flying preferences. The beginner mode is particularly helpful as it will limit the radius the drone can fly in, preventing it from flying into obstacles on your first few flights out. You can set this feature and more on the powerful DJI Pilot app. The biggest problem (and really one of the only problems) with the Phantom 3 is that you may get the props and legs in some of the shots when you fly in a certain direction. This can be edited out, but it’s still a bit of a pain.


The Inspire 1 is the only drone in its series. It is arguably the best drone you can get for one simple reason: it has everything. With the Inspire you don’t have to choose to have either a terrific camera or smooth flight. It has everything the Phantom 3 has and more. Beyond the capabilities you get with the Phantom 3, the Inspire 1 also offers dual-remote control, completely unobstructed camera shots, a removable camera that will allow for future upgrades, and an HDMI output. Even with all of these features, there is still the question of whether the Inspire 1 is worth it over the Phantom 3, which costs less than half the price. Overall, I think everything the Inspire 1 offers is still worth the time and money.


Spreading Wings

The newest drone in the Spreading Wings series is the Spreading Wings S1000+. It is an octocopter rather than the usual quadcopter design and, like the other drones in this series, it is geared more towards professional cinematography than anything else. All of the Spreading Wings models can carry heavier payloads than your typical consumer drone, and you can compare the features of each model on the DJI site. The S1000+ has foldable arms, retractable landing gear, vibration reduction, and incredible power. However, it does cost between $4,100 and $4,550, depending on what package you buy.


You can’t deny that each DJI drone has top-notch quality, top-notch durability, and top-notch features. You won’t be disappointed with any DJI drone you get.


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DJI Drone Stock

As DJI is one of the leading drone manufacturers in the world, a lot of people keep their eye on any information regarding DJI stock—which is a smart idea.


Last year, 2014, DJI sales were close to 500 million dollars, easily beating out all of its competitors. But it doesn’t end there; DJI is growing. There are estimates that this number will double by the end of this year, and DJI is seeking to raise at a valuation of $10 billion.


DJI’s market share in the U.S. is expanding. And quickly. Part of the hold back in the past, and what is expanding stock now, is all the FAA regulations surround drones in the U.S. Up until pretty recently, it has been nearly impossible for anyone to legally fly drones for commercial use. Recently, however, the regulations have started changing, making it easier to get a permit to fly drones commercially. It’s likely that these rules will continue to change as time goes on, technology advances, and demand increases. With these changes, just about anyone will be able to fly a drone for recreation or commercial use. And in all of these uses, the top company that everyone turns to to get their drones is DJI.


It is this growing demand that is helping the DJI market share expand in the U.S. This only makes sense since the drones to come out of DJI are well-equipped to aid in a wide variety of tasks such as video production, search-and-rescue, and real estate. Big companies like Amazon, Northrop Grumman, and Google are trying hard to get behind the next big thing with advancement in drone use. Such ideas are being tossed around and explored—like the idea of drones delivering packages to your doorstep. This would certainly cut out some middle-man work between the store and your doorstep that might result in reduced shipping prices. There are also ideas of drones being able to reduce air pollution with specialized chemicals.

Estimates don’t just predict sales growth for DJI in the next couple of years, but also huge growth within the next decade or two. This shows that investing in DJI is smart and will provide benefits in the long term as DJI’s sales won’t just fizzle out after a few years. This is probably helped by the fact that DJI is tentatively planning on expanding its products into more sophisticated drones. Its feet are already planted firmly in the top spot for lower-end consumer drones. If DJI were to expand its products, there’s a good chance it will also lead (or at least be a serious competitor) in high-end drones.


Whether you or your company is looking for another company to invest in, you should give DJI a serious consideration. One thing is for sure, the drone market will advance over the coming years and no matter the advancements it makes, DJI will be a major player. When it comes to DJI drone stock, you don’t want to be late to the party.