The Best Camera Drone for Wedding

September 27, 2016

The Best Camera Drone for Wedding

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), also called drones, are becoming more popular at weddings because they can better capture events. The image-capturing machines employ latest technological developments to provide better footages, thus capturing the special occasion in all its glory. We will consider a few UAVs that are best suited for the purpose, out of the lot in the rapidly expanding industry.   

Before we pick the best drone, we would consider some certain arguments before making a choice. It is important to know that there are regulations in the industry, so the flying toys cannot be used anywhere and anyhow. 

First, to successfully enjoy the latest trend in the bridal market, the wedding venue has to be friendly. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), on the drone policy, advises that the unmanned devices should not be flown over people and above 400 feet. Experience also shows that it isn’t best to use the units in indoor and tented venues, areas with lots of trees, and places with overhead wires or many poles. Also, some locations bar drones, so it is important to get approval. Hence, we will consider the most versatile machines with auto-avoidance technology.   

Weather consideration is another. High winds can stop the drones from functioning well. UAVs don’t do well in water, so we will consider the best drone that works in the worst climatic condition. We want the couple to be the center of attraction, so we want unmanned systems that are least disruptive as drones make a lot of noise with their propellers and engines and with advanced subject tracking features. Finally, we will consider drones with the best camera, control range and longest flight time. We also want the footage to be of the best cinematic quality under budget. So, here is our lists of the best drone camera for weddings.


Considering the big wedding costs, the HUBSAN H502S is a great buy with amazing features. The device is under US$200 but comes with 720p HD Front Person View (FPV) camera. It has altitude hold, decent battery life, 300-meter flight range, GPS, and back-to-home feature. The HUBSAN has one of the best camera drones for a low budget wedding ceremony. 


The Blade Chroma is one of the best for aerial photography and videography. The range of this flying machine is 400 meters. It uses SAFE technology for stability and reliability and has an impressive camera. It is under US$600. 

3. DJI Phantom 3 Professional

The Phantom 3 Pro was the flagship product until this year. The flight time of this flying robot is 23 minutes, and it can travel for a distance of up to 500 meters. It remains one of the best under-US$1000 machines in the market. 

2. YUNEEC Q500+

This unit from YUNEEC is one of the best long-range drones in the market. Its control range is a remarkable 2km. It flies for 22 minutes before requiring a change of battery or recharge, and the 16MP camera ensures the best video quality. 


The latest product in the Phantom series wins the battle due to its incredible combination of features. Of course, anything good comes with a price with a price. The price of this drone is US$1399. The flight time is almost half an hour, and the subject tracking feature is improved. It uses an advanced stereo Vision Positioning System (VPS), and the Sports Mode feature gives it more agility and speed, making it the best camera drone for any wedding. And the Obstacle Sensing System (OSS) helps it avoid collisions when everyone is enjoying the ceremony.  

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